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Wood Elves Battle Strategies & Tips

FlyingWarPigWithPaws#8481FlyingWarPigWithPaws#8481 Registered Users Posts: 872
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Its no secret that the Wood Elves are harder to play well than most other factions but i would really like to get better at using them. If anyone has knows some good strategies that are effective or fun to use then please share them.

Thanks in advance.--


  • MisterSurrealMisterSurreal Registered Users Posts: 36
    I haven't played with them too much yet, but I've had some trouble as well as Orion. I've got a plan to try leaning heavily on the mounted archers, who fire on the move and have 360 degree fire arcs. The idea is to hide my wardancers and other melee units away and run the enemy ragged with the mobile archery units. Only once the enemy is tired or exhausted do I engage in melee combat.
  • jdavids74#2429jdavids74#2429 Registered Users Posts: 224
    This might be considered cheese but any unit with master ambusher trait with good range (greater than 140) can fire and hide before being counter fired on if microd right. Sneak up to unit at extreme range. Make sure no units are between you and your target so you can hide. Fire at target and as soon as the arrows leave the bows, pull your unit back into stealth mode. Rinse and repeat.
  • hendo#1695hendo#1695 Registered Users Posts: 3,004
    I wouldn't consider myself a pro, but best tip (it's what I'm doing). Is start off small with maybe only 10 stack (this is obviously after you ran a battle with at least one of each unit ;) ). And work your way up from there. Try creating a hybrid/universal army so you can also "build" up on the "tactics."

    These wood elves require a lot of micro to be successful (=win with low fatalities). It's not just the cav and archer units that need to be pulled from engagements at times.
    Basic stuff: turn down difficulty , hit space bar and check the UI that will help you know matchups.

    In general, explore in custom. I don't like the current balance for pace/length of battles-so I found the best way to find out how the units work/interact in battle, is to test them out in custom.

    Then for campaign you will know what to invest in for the long term. For campaign don't expand past your protection, make sure allies are in strong position, stomp any one who would hurt them.
  • ScottGScottG Registered Users Posts: 101
    So here goes. I had to restart 8 times to get it going.

    1st. Play like Chaos, your ability to produce gold is limited, and upkeep is a **** so raze as much as possible

    2. No alliances, you will probably be only to field Orions army, and the other elves will get you into wars with EVERYONE

    3. Once you research the + 40 with Bretonnia factions start taking the most disliked ones to get your Amber up.
    4. Orions red upgrades will help to make your units stronger, work on those ( I did one of each everytime I leveled.
    5. Keep Orions army in sort of a patrol so you can reach your outposts(Beastmen will pop up every few turns)
    6. When Chaos comes (with Archaon) use your cash to build 3 full stack armies they will eventually funnel towards you near the Skarsnik capital, They'll be easy to take out once they've been bottled up.
    7. After Chaos is dead, make alliances, you'll get your Amber and everyone will love you.
    8. Remember to disband the armies you built for the Chaos invasion.
    9. Work on your tree, and fight the final battle ....game over :)
  • ScottGScottG Registered Users Posts: 101
    Forgot, research the tech that makes you immune to all attrition asap, it's invaluable.
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