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[My Experience] I beat the Wood Elf Mini Campaign on Very Hard

ChangeofWarChangeofWar Registered Users Posts: 7
Main Tip: Your campaign is so much easier when there are less elves alive.

Kill everyone and take all of their settlements. Wood Elves call each other TRAITORS so you best play the part. I have tried making military alliances but I have experienced that the AI will cancel that when you least expect it. I had one run that failed because I was militarily allied with 2 Elven Factions. My armies were out conquering in the human lands when they canceled the alliance and burned the oak of ages. I thought maybe I should go into something more binding and forceful so I tried making 3 vassals. It lasted longer but when someone declared war on me they all refused to help so the vassalage was canceled and oak of ages burned again.

I looked closer into it and found that the attitude mechanic is doing weird things. I noticed that the attitude seems to deteriorate even if there are no negative values present. Everything can be green with it going from 38 to 42 but once it reaches 42 it will start to go down continuously even without the red negative values to actually push it down. You can join their wars to make them like you and you can kill beast men too but that happy friendship will not last forever. You can extend it by giving them gold but you need that for yourself.

So yes its easier for me to just kill them one by one and claim the entirety of Athel Loren for myself. No one will call you a traitor anymore.

For the legendary lords, Durthu has a harder start. The oak of ages is too far away for you to protect. I was able to make it work by getting a full stack with tree kin and glade guards. Say the big F you!! to the Waterfall settlement and run straight to another that is closest to the oak of ages so you can protect it. Start conquering other sub-factions and box the wood elves into the corner of the map. It was fun and I called it the tree kin vanguard to protect the wussy wood elves. You need to betray them later on though.

As Orion , it is so much easier. Make nonaggression pacts with everyone while waging war with one elven sub-faction. Conquer them one at a time and once you have enough amber and a full stack then just upgrade the tree once and leave it. The tier two oak of ages plus the public order research is enough to keep your settlements from being unhappy. Leave it at tier two and conquer everything. I controlled half of Athel Loren with the other owned by Durthu. Everything outside the forest is mine though. With that, I can just send my 4 full stacks and sit in the oak of ages while I upgrade to tier 3 and 4. I also give Durthu 2000 gold every few turns to make him happy.

Overall the campaign was difficult on Very Hard because of the other elven factions. Beastmen aren't a problem because after a few tries you know where they are going to appear and you can control when you want to fight them. They are very predictable. Attacking human walled settlements was a total mess for me but eh whatever.
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