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Gyrobomber ranged attack broken

CaptBeardieCaptBeardie Registered Users Posts: 54

Just noticed that the gyrobombers ranged attacks have completed stopped after Woodelf DLC.

They seem to maybe had the idea of having the gryobomber circle an intended target so you can bomb them easier, but now they won't fire at all.

There is still some fire capability though, as i got them to trigger a couple times in my testing, but they always go back to not being able to fire.

In my last test, towards the end of the game, they even stopped being able to attack the ground. very weird....

Let me know if you would like a replay file of it.


  • GaarvaagGaarvaag Registered Users Posts: 1
    Can confirm, I also have this problem with my bombers. Occasionally they'll shoot once on the approach, then proceed to hover uselessly over the enemy.

    Quite annoying if you want to use them for something other than a bombing run, please fix this!
  • RaptoranRaptoran Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same problem here. The gyrobombers no longer use their guns. Just making circles over the enemy that i ordered them to attack. Gyrocopters still work for some reason though. Please fix i would love to play Dwarf campaing again.
  • Dr_MoldDr_Mold Registered Users Posts: 58
    This is still happening for me. Has there been a fix?

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