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Game won't let me build Siege Units for the Empire

jgeary87jgeary87 Registered Users Posts: 5
edited December 2016 in General Discussion
Sorry, this is probably just a noob question but I have a serious issue building ANY siege units with the Empire. In review of all the buildings I have: level 3 Engineer workshop, level 3 Barracks, level 3 stables, and level 2 armory - all in the Reikland province. I have over 20k gold. And I actually see a Steam tank in the Altdorf garrison. The unit cards don't saying anything about needing anything else for their construction. The siege units are no longer red, but I still can't build them.

Keep in mind all my buildings are in the same province, yet I cannot build any siege equipment. What am I missing, is this my mistake or some bug? I'd appreciate any help, thank you!
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