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Who decided to shaft the wood elves?



  • Red_GeneralRed_General Member Registered Users Posts: 181
    Harconn said:

    As it is now, wood elves are underwhelming. Of course playable, but always at a disadvantage. Try fighting AI using wood elves. You will overrun them easily.

    I decimated the WE with my Empire guns alone!

  • fearthewayfeartheway Registered Users Posts: 58

    CA have managed to turn Elven archers from this....

    to this.....

    agreed :(
    Feel free to keep the negative one word/ one sentence toxicity to yourself :|

    Note: I am talking about total war warhammer competitive MULTIPLAYER experience.
    If you are not interested in competitive multiplayer my forum posts are not aimed at you.

    my main thread in balance


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  • MachacasaurioMachacasaurio Registered Users Posts: 161
    edited December 2016
    they do need more fancy stuff.if they dont want to buff the base stats, i can understand,IF, their idea is to force you to win archer duels,by sitting on a forest.problems is... this game is featureless when it comes to maps,unless they ad WE the capability to "add a forest to the battle map" like in TT.

    also the problem is,this game should be balanced from the start thinking in the future factions.

    stat wise,there is not "space" to make a diference between lower to higher tier.

    we re missing a lot of the stronger ranged factions.(dark elves,high elves,tomb kings)

    we had 2 factions added only,but with time... i have the feeling they didnt consider it at all.

    the end will be an urrecognizable mess. are dark,high elves going to have worse bows than wood elves,while still being very capable shooters? and tomb kings?they re esentially a bastard son of a bretonian archer and a wood elf archer(numbers + fancy magical equipment,like upgraded undead peasant bowmen)
    . how do you end with all those units not feeling exactly the same?

    marginal diferences should be enough,the problem,the difference is too marginal,the stats to similar.

    there is not space to nothing but copies.so im expecting the exact same unit stat wise for high elves archers,and the like for other factions.

    i mean,not cause of number,but dont get lost on maths,all same bow range + very similar dps,dont get lost on few numbers/nice accuracy or huge numbers/**** accuracy.at the end.

    again WE seem to have to same extend the "rune"problem. dwarves got megabuffed out of this,but they had/have the same problem.

    runes dont exist in TW.so all that made cannons and arty dwarves cool is gone.dwarves are viable,yes,as a bow faction,their arty is good?......................................................................................................................................zzzzzzZ.............

    wood elves had great accuracy,AND magical bows and arrows,yes,it does exist,but kinda poorly implemented.

    add a reasonable critical hit chance or something to show how they go all legolas from time to time and whos the best shooter,idk.

    i dont like critical strike mechanics,but this is the faction that does NOT clash with the enemy,no,they shoot you in the knee.if a faction could use an "ups,arrow to the eye" feeling those are wood elves.

    this is the faction that loses dogface direct engagements,fine. they will end catching you in the battle map,cause,you know,a box.

    bonus from rear/side-shooting could become bigger. like REALLY BIG

    or a dirty probability of instakill instead,not usable on lords.

    dont make them rely on ammount of amno,but on devastating wonderful voleys from position in the map.
    if you manage to shoot them while they re not facing you,they melt,BADLY,if they read you,they face you and end catching you.

    i need to buyout CA,so i can start yelling at them what to do.
  • Xenos777Xenos777 Registered Users Posts: 8,038
    How can you seriously think a longbow should outrange a cannon?
  • Horus168Horus168 Registered Users Posts: 578
    GrimTalos said:

    I dont know if I am misremember been quite a few years since I played TT. But I dont remember in TT the wood elves being that good at range. Yes they could take a lot of range units, but they never seemed that much stronger than the other races ranged units. The bow where still str 3 the same as human archers. It was more the range units being used as piece of the puzzle with the other units in the wood elf roster.

    It seems every body is playing the wood elves in TW with 80% range and hope they can just kite all day to win, that seems pretty dull for gameplay. When I played the mini campaign I used a 60/40 split.

    They had a longer range (30" for longbows, c.f. 24" for crossbows, guns, and bows and 18" for shortbows that greenskins use), armour piercing arrows, and ballistic skill 5 for Elie units, compared to 3 for dwarfs or humans, and 2 for goblins. So they shot further, hit maybe twice as often and bipassed more armour, last time I played.

    I am to remember they could also fire through forests without penalty, whereas other races needed to be within 2" of the edge.

    In tww, they seem to be outclassed by peasant bowmen in every way. It's also very frustrating that expert woodland archers haven't learnt how not to fire into giant trees, 2 foot in front of them.

    Playing as durthu I pretty much stopped using archers completely as none of the tiers of archer units tended to get any kills in battle. ...
  • mahboi1mahboi1 Member Registered Users Posts: 801
    edited December 2016
    horus168 said:

    GrimTalos said:

    Playing as durthu I pretty much stopped using archers completely as none of the tiers of archer units tended to get any kills in battle. ...

    Abandoning archers as wood elves

    Sigmar wills it!
  • Red_GeneralRed_General Member Registered Users Posts: 181

    @Red General
    That's probably one of the greatest post I've ever seen :lol: So funny and true.

    My pleasure. :)
  • SnubbullSnubbull Junior Member FinlandRegistered Users Posts: 66
    What I'm wondering about is whether or not it's a bug that Wood Elves don't get followers on their characters
    They only get some of the banners already in game
  • Jam#4399Jam#4399 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,070
    I thought most units will be scared of WE archers and they will only pursue them when they are already **** off or in disadvantage but most of the time, WE archers are the one who always run...
  • simo90simo90 Registered Users Posts: 100
    in single player, archers are good, because IA is easy to stop from killing them, in MP is different, u haven't other 19 units to protect em. The time flows differently, and you have less time to think.. and i can t understand why fantery chase down my cavalry while they r skirmishing...
    the main problem for me, is that units cost too much, and u'll deploy too few of them.. this means you haven t unit to protect core, because every single unit will be in a fight for their life ( and probabily smashed)
    single player ain t a meter of judjment, because you can stack buff.. tons of it.. from lord, to technology.. and exp ofc
  • dumbbunnydumbbunny Registered Users Posts: 1
    Something i noticed is that the wood elves have both low ammunition and a very low rate of fire. I feel like expert bowmen should maybe not out damage crossbows per shot but fire much faster as longbowmen aimed to maintain a fire rate of 6 per mi ute throughout the fight and typically could be expected to fire 2-3 times the rate of a crossbowman. Crossbows had comparable ranges and penetration.

    Vs untrained or poorly trained archers longbowmen had much greater endurance accuracy range and as they could use much stronger bows more penetration and damage on impact. Bretonian peasant archers should probably beat the welf archers through numbers but tire faster and do less well against armor the later of which is already in place.

    Basically maybe up the damage a little but give them rof to match other archers output making them superior vs armored but generally weak to low armor and shields. The wardancers have this well covered in any case.
  • alex33#8263alex33#8263 Registered Users Posts: 1,280
    They need a range and a damage buff. Just a littlebit more like the tt
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