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Savage Orc Unit Mod Incoming!

StarFauxeStarFauxe Registered Users Posts: 9
Hello All!

Fauxe here, I am going to be working on a savage orc unit mod tonight, this mod will focus on making another basic savage orc unit that is better at holding the line then average savage orcs and a hard hitting unit that will be able to rival black orcs in combat and armour piercing. Also, I will be adding War Trolls! I want the svage orc unit roster to feel more ferocious and charge focused. So thats what you'll be getting!

Add me on steam "Starfauxe" and you cna message me to take part!



  • MadmanMoMadmanMo Registered Users Posts: 45
    I like the idea of War Trolls (I assume Trolls painted with Savage Orc Warpaint? Physical resistance, frenzy and whatnot), but I'm not sure if the Savage Orcs should have anything that is better at holding the line. If their strength is in charging and slaughtering in a crazed frenzy, then realistically they probably shouldn't have a unit that can "hold the line".

    Good luck with your mod though!
  • nrdilodoviconrdilodovico Registered Users Posts: 59
    I think a unit similar to aspiring champions, but of course calling them Savage Orc Nobz. Might be the way to go as far as holding the line. Your thoughts?

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