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What's Russia's Advantage?

li_xinlaili_xinlai Registered Users Posts: 13
I remember a long time ago Russia had a huge advantage: all of its infantry units are better at melee than the same type of infantry in other factions, but I've only recently noticed that this has been changed in an update, so the problem is: what is Russia's advantage over the other factions?

Russian infantry has lower reloading skill and aim, and there are less varieties of russian units, plus Russia is not rich and has no sea power, and its resistance to cold fatigue doesn't really work anywhere else...


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    Well, they have excellent cavalry, morale and melee. Russia's good for firing a few volleys and getting into melee. They have the best charge and the Russian musketeer will beat most other line infantry in melee.
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  • EmperorOfRomeEmperorOfRome Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 594
    In campaign they have Mother Russia defending them in winter
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