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Playing Elves, avoiding forest battles like plague

FireStorm1010FireStorm1010 MemberRegistered Users Posts: 40
I have been playing a bit of the new Wood Elves expansion, and its a mixed experience. The new stuff alone is pretty good, the Wood Elves different and interesting. Where it breaks is the old systems coupled with Wood Elves characteristics.

Fighting in forests have alwys been for me a pain , because yur eyes hurt trying to find out whats happening, and no , space+ "hide foliage" doesnt help a lot. Also ranged weapons were near usless, hitting the trees, units getting "obstructed " and hardly doing nothing. However, i could live with that playing other factions.

However with wood elves its supposed to be your specialization, your preffered by far battlefield.And archers are supposed to be your backbone. Well in forests they suck. They do maybe 25 % of normal dmg, so the melee units have no problem to close, and you use ammunition like crazy before dong any significant dmg. And you must check all the time all your units for "obstructed".All in all im pretty sure a Vampire Counts army, as they have melee units only, would have a big advantage in forest over a standard Elven one

So me, playing as Elves, i try to avoid combat in forest like plague. Which is just so wrong.
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