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Really need help from someone at CA - Modders issue

P4ntzP4ntz Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 38

I'll get right to it to not waste your time.
With the latest patch it seems something has changed in the .ws and material files for Warhammer Total War. For example We used to be able to make variations of units by adding lines into the code of the Varientmeshdefinitions, calling from created .ws model files.
With the latest WE DLC, it seems if any of those .ws or material files get loaded into a mod pack it completely breaks the textures for that unit.

Please, I've spent hours and hours reading and trying to ask for fixes and trying different versions of the PFM, different file versions, different plugins.

I've currently just finished a unit variety mod for the WE by simply removing the .ws files and having the varient mesh definitions for the units call directly from the rigid models. This doesnt really work however if the unit has a mask like the wild riders. I can get brown/grey/tan elks to show up but they will no longer have the beautiful green glow on their horns.

If you guys have any additional info or a fix I can use that would be amazing. I spend crazy amounts of time editing and modding because I honestly love that you gave us the utility.

Am I just doing something wrong? I'm not much of a coder at all, more of a texture artist but I've learned everything I can to work with what we have currently.

Also it seems to have broken my previous mods that made edits to the .ws files and the material files.

Really appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon,



  • GigiauzGigiauz Registered Users Posts: 25
    I totally agree with you P4ntz, CA give more explanations, please.
    Many modders have abandoned their jobs due to your lack of information policy. You are losing not only the fans but also modder that might attract a greater audience.
    Please be more forward-looking, and try to help us in helping to make this title even more eye-catching.
    Thank you

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