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SolvedConstant Crash at Startup

GHUrekMazinoGHUrekMazino Registered Users Posts: 5
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Build Number:

I can't really give you a build number since my game crashes right after the Warhammer logo at startup

Detailed description of what happened before the crash:

At first the game worked perfectly fine (I've installed it on the 26th 12. 2016) and I could play it without any problem until I've left the game for the first time. Every attempt to start the game afterwards had the same annoying problem. I start the game, the Warhammer logo appears suddenly I get a black screen followed by an input lag on my mouse basically making it impossible to do something with it until i hit the taskmanager through my keyboard. As soon as the game is closed my mouse begins to work fine as it did before the crash happend. I also get a popup with the announcement "Program has stopped working".

Reproduction Steps:

-Start Steam
-Start game
-Hit play button with DirectX11 selected
-Program starts
-'Not Responding' popup, input lag, blackscreen
-Force close of the game

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

- Checked and reinstalled Drivers (all are up to date)
- Checked if Windows is up to date
- Restarted System
- Restarted Steam
- Restarted Steam in offline mode
- Remove all DLCs
- Waited for more than 10 minutes
- Made an exception in the firewall
- Turned of Steam overlay
- Verified game cache

The relevant mini dump file:

Do not have the directory crash_report

A copy of your modified.log file (.txt):

I have not included this as it is completely blank.

I'd really love to hear of any solution for this problem, since I've waited a long time to play the game and it's pretty sad to see it not working after I had so much fun with it on my first day of playing it.

Also i would like to point you to SilentXero's thread since he seems to have the same problem and writes way more detailed than i do:
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