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RII: Recurring black screen problem in Campaign and Battle

kneelakkneelak Registered Users Posts: 2
Build: 16155.736913

I recently purchased ROME II but have not been able to properly play it yet. I have a recurring problem where the game screen suddenly goes black in the first 20 minutes of a session, with the mouse still visible and sound playing normally as though the game is going on in the background.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way for the game to recover from this, and I have had to use the task manager to close the application every time. This has happened 4 times so far - thrice in the prologue battle tutorial and once in grand campaign mode. There didn't seem to be any specific triggers - it happened both while I was selecting something and when I was just looking at the screen.

I have spent a long time looking through the forums but while this seems to be a common enough issue, there were no definitive solutions. Any solutions I found were several years old and seemed to be invalidated by newer patches.

This seems to be game-breaking problem for me, which would be a shame because I was looking forward to playing Rome II. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Things I have already done:

Verified integrity of game cache

Downloaded latest graphics card drivers

Turned down all graphics options to minimum settings

Unchecked the 'unlimited video memory box' in graphics settings

Disabled Steam overlay

I am attaching copies of my DxDiag, preferences script and modified.log files. There was no .mdmp file to be found, so maybe the game doesn't actually register these black screens as a crash.

Note: DxDiag lists the integrated Intel graphics card under display devices, but I have made sure in the NVIDIA Control Panel that Rome II is run by the computer's GeForce GT 520M processor. Not sure why DxDiag selects the integrated graphics card.


  • pliskan1pliskan1 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same exact issue. I've tried everything. Have you had any luck?
  • kneelakkneelak Registered Users Posts: 2
    Sadly no. I have been unable to play any battles (or rather complete them) due to this problem. I played for some time on campaign mode only, but that's only half the fun of the game, and quickly got boring. I did find one workaround in campaign mode though - when the game crashes to back screen, it still seems to be running in the background. So a quick Ctrl+S will save your game at that point and you can restart the game from the point on. Let me know if you have any luck fixing your issue.
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