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Unsupported Units in Army for Total War Kingdom

MaxPizzaKingMaxPizzaKing Posts: 2Registered Users
I have Longsword Knights at Level 3 supported by a Level 3 Knights Manor assigned to a Level 3 Castle and had a OVERSEER Master that added an additional level to the military building. I actually upgraded the Knights Manor to be Level 3 in the hope that the knights might rise to level 4, but because level 3 seems to be the maximum level allowed I removed the master to add him to another military building to benefit from the upgrade. But after doing so the Longsword Knights now show up as 'UNSUPPORTED' in my army. So I went to add the Master back to the building but the Knights Manor wont allow me to reassign the Master as "The Military building is already at rank 3'.

Can the Support team please help, or has anyone experienced this?

I really like this game and have spent £14 on upgrades etc so it is really annoying now that I cannot use one of my most powerful units! Please help!???

My device is a Samsung 7 Edge running Total War Kingdom on Android.



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