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Game Crashes (Black Screen) when interacting with Campaign Map HUD or whilst loading back into Map

MattTillMattTill Registered Users Posts: 5
Build: v1.5.0, 12745.988912

Detailed description: I installed the game on my Windows 7 (x64) operating system about 2 weeks ago and was playing with outdated drivers and having not a single issue at all. The game ran like a dream and there was no issue with the Campaign Map. (I got to a 140 turn on an Empire campaign.)

From here I upgraded to Windows 10 and updated my Nvidia GTX 770 to the newest available drivers. Now the game is unplayable and when clicking on my general,a town or end turn there is mostly a freeze of around 3-4 seconds and it recovers, however, 1 in 5 times it results in a crash. This crash can be a black screen with the audio still in the background, other times it can cause windows to close the application.

I've tired verifying game cache, Re-installing the game, rolling back to Windows 7 and the graphics driver I was using before (That didn't work), reinstalling windows 10 on a fresh install with a fresh install of steam, my drivers and the game. Nothing seems to be working.

I have attached: The relevant mini dump file, A copy of my Campaign .save game, A copy of my DxDiag, A copy of my preferences.script file and a copy of my modified.log file (.txt).

Any indications to what is causing these crashes and any possible solutions would be greatly appropriated . The game runs on recommended at 60fps with the Benchmark and I'm having no issues with battles at all. Just the Campaign Map.

The fact it ran flawlessly before makes me think it might be a easy/obvious fix but it's driving me insane.


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