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Estalia faction speculation discussion



  • SetrusSetrus Senior Member SwedenPosts: 18,476Registered Users
    If we ever get pikes, I'd like them to work more like this...

    ...rather than the result of that video. :open_mouth:
    Don't worry.
  • Berg_Of_The_WestBerg_Of_The_West Posts: 522Registered Users
    I hope they give pikes an increased unit size...

    So that they can zone out more territory, have more pikes pointed towards the front, and make it harder for infantry from just scooting around them and completely ignoring them.

    However, as a drawback, they should have no missile block chance and their pike formations would make them very congested and susceptible to missile fire.

    I also hope they use the Rome 1 + Medieval 2 pike mechanics as a reference... rather than using the Rome 2 + Attila pikes.
  • OrkfaellerOrkfaeller Senior Member Posts: 2,329Registered Users
  • Berg_Of_The_WestBerg_Of_The_West Posts: 522Registered Users
    edited July 2017
    I stumbled across this cool map of Estalia.

  • TherenTheren Posts: 296Registered Users

    How could/should the Estalian Inquisition work as a campaign mechanic?

    Its just a Thought but a "witch hunt" mechanic would be usefull in campaing. 50-200 people from your population would die, but chaos and vampire corruption (skaven pollution) would go down instantly, also obedience grow up, becouse heretical and rebbelling elements are gone.

    Totaly worth it. XD
  • Berg_Of_The_WestBerg_Of_The_West Posts: 522Registered Users
    Here is a dude who attempted to make an Estalia themed army.

  • JungleElfJungleElf Posts: 797Registered Users
    Why don't you wait for the inevitable pike-and-shot Total War game? All these suggestions of yours really come to their fruition in such a game.
  • Berg_Of_The_WestBerg_Of_The_West Posts: 522Registered Users
    JungleElf said:

    Why don't you wait for the inevitable pike-and-shot Total War game? All these suggestions of yours really come to their fruition in such a game.

  • FlavumFlavum Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited August 2017
    Tilea and Estalia should be distint cultures of the Empire, but similar to each other. What I miss most in Warhammer is a civilization similar to classical culture (ancient Greece Rome and also Renaissance), I think that those races could fill that emptiness. Let there be military units in Warhamer resembling the Macedonian phalanges, or Roman legions, or Spanish Tercios. Mediterranean style. Maybe it could work, what do you thiink?
    Have a look on the image (the idea was clear, unfortunately its a bit like 'Roman' Darth Vader):

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  • Berg_Of_The_WestBerg_Of_The_West Posts: 522Registered Users
    To be honest, I think that armor style would fit more into Tilea's aesthetics rather than Estalia

    Estalia's armor aesthetics are more in line with Pirazzo's lost legion.

  • FungusHoundFungusHound Posts: 2,493Registered Users
    Lol I thought I missed some massive discussion that popped up all of a sudden.

    I have to say I don't like Estalia/Tilea from a thematic standpoint, I would never play as them, but I still really hope they get added. They would add more diversity to battles and the campaign map, and while I don't want to play as them i am sure a ton of people would be absolutely thrilled. And with CA given the greenlight to go nuts with minor factions we may see them become a reality by the end of Game 2.
  • VicotlmVicotlm Posts: 15Registered Users
    In my opinion, if they make Estalia they should not have magic. It would be cool if they create a human faction whose target not only is to avoid magic but also to persecute all kind of wizards and witches. I can be lore friendly because magic is product of Chaos, so they choice to fight the evil is to eradicate magic , at least, in their own territory.

    Here is where the Estalian inquisition appears. It also explains the cultural and economical delay of this southern realm.
    No one expects the Skarsnik inquisition.
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