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No recruitment teams

HeinHein Registered Users Posts: 1
I have issues with units hiring. I have all requirements met (all required buildings constructed). But I still cannot hire units or these units disappear from the list.
For instance I cannot hire "Crypt Horrors, Hexwraiths and Varghulf", they are unavailable for hiring. "Black Knights" disappeared after I hired 10 units. Vargheists after 3 units and Terrorgheist after only one unit.
I build all required buildings and trying to hire units in apropriate province.
This issue is reproducible in multiplayer and singleplayer games.
I don't use any modifications.
Also, after I have built all required building in neighbor province, all units became availabe for recruitment. The same problem appeared during campaign for Imperia. The following units not available for recruitment: Outriders and Mortar.
Screenshots and savegame singlplayer are in attachment

Build v1.5.0 12745.988912
Please help.

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