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Modding Unit Stats (NEED HELP!)

OfHolyLanceOfHolyLance Registered Users Posts: 2
Is there a way to mod unit stats in one consolidated location? I go to the land unit stat table and I only get morale armour melee attack, melee defense? Where is weapon strength? Missile damage? etc. Where can I find/edit all these stats. I don't want to create new units, I just want to edit the base units (just some rebalancing for my own preferences). Any reply would be greatly appreciated.


  • kelstrkelstr Registered Users Posts: 472
    The weapon strength is in it's own table... melee_weapons_tables or something like that.
  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,535
    There is no way to mod unit stats with just one table. Units are built from different components each with their own tables. Land units is the node where most of the data that a unit is composed of is linked. So look at the land units table to determine what melee weapon key from melee_weapons table or projectile key from the projectiles table is used. Then to change the melee weapon data you need to change it in the melee_weapons table.
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  • mayan657mayan657 Registered Users Posts: 3
    every time I make my own mod, just changing the speed of ONE or two or several 11(to 13) for example, the game wont run the mod, and crash, why?
    do I need to change something else apart from the "battle_entities_tables" values?
  • wildboy789789wildboy789789 Registered Users Posts: 5
    I made a mod and experimanted with changing 1 units moral... I correctly install it, I select it to run with outdated mods, and the game crashes, I can't mod the simplest change with PFM... HELP
  • TyphoonBlazeTyphoonBlaze Registered Users Posts: 95
    why when i change the land_unit melee stats, it wont be seen in the custom battle , like it was never happen :( , anyone have some idea about this
  • MataMata Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited April 8
    Hi everyone, I'm new to modding but I suceeded to come to customization of units, pls help where to change speed for a unit? Tried battle_enteties_table but it didn't change...

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