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Shogun Total War: Warlord Edition - Won't install from Disc anymore

AidentakerAidentaker Registered Users Posts: 1
I have STW:WE on a disc and used to play it before on a really old PC when I was a kid. NowI've tried to install it on three different PCs running windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, all of which give me the same error, which I will attach a picture here.

First is when the installations stops responding at 83%, then I get the notification that a graph is error was encountered, then the installation terminates on it's own. I ran the full installation with 1600 MB and the normal and minimum but I get the same error every time. Is there some kind of software I need to install or download to get the game in my PC? Am I missing something that the older PCs came stock with that allows the installation?

Thanks for the help!
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