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UI Scaling for 4K resolution in Total War: Attila

throwaway_account_throwaway_account_ Registered Users Posts: 4
edited December 2019 in Gameplay Issues
I tried to play Attila for a while. But this is painful and I just can't play, the fonts and icons are way too small.

I couldn't find any option anywhere to change the size/scaling of text/ui. Is there anyway to do this?
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  • AkaalEliteAkaalElite Member Australia SydneyRegistered Users Posts: 102
    Come on CA, give us UI scaling like you did for ROME 2, please.
  • anve8004anve8004 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Bump! The graphics looks awesome in 4K but the UI and font is barely readable ! Attila deserves the same treatment as Rome II gets. CA, please..
  • girnasgirnas Registered Users Posts: 2
    I really want to play the game but i cant due to the UI scale on 4K...It is implemented on Rome 2 and ToB I don’t think it’s that difficult to add to Attila...

    If anyone found a way to fix this with a mod please share.

    PS. I tried the larger fonts mod and the ui buttons are still unbelievably small and it caused other issues too.
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