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  • massimassi Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited February 2017
    You guys know what to do if you get the "height map fail" when you export?
  • jurrianjurrian Registered Users Posts: 0
    I wanted to see if i could make maps for total war warhammer, but as soon as i selected a vista the tool crashed, this happened with every vista, is there a fix for this or do i just have to hope this will be fixed soon?
  • VolagalVolagal Registered Users Posts: 3
    hey :smile:

    made my first map, that is so cool, the editor is quite understandable, the map render greatly ingame (really cool graphic engine)

    that was asked again and again, but the possibility to make campaign maps would be a nice addition (that's true that when you know them... it's a bit boring), we could make map for town (miss villages in battle map) and for open ground (depending the stances of each armies, for example an encampment would have tents and few small defensive wood towers, maybe some wooden walls), thats would be huge work (many combinations) but the community is vast!

    my first map is about vampires :wink: i tried to make a town (Essen), with peasant house with fields forward, a downtown in the middle, and a cimeterry in the back, and on border forests. the defender starts in the town while the attacker starts in the farming area.

    I could play it the first time i tried (lol), it's missing hitboxes for houses, but iam going to work that.

    Thanks a lot, iam fond of map editing!
  • danlhydanlhy Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited February 2017
    I keep trying to use Terry, but it crashes on me every time. I'll load up a vista, and about 3-4 seconds later the assembly kit crashes. Any suggestions?
    I've already tried:
    • load a different vista (tried about 3 or so different ones)
    • verify the assembly kit files
    • opt out of Cascade2 and opt back in
    • uninstall Assembly Kit and reinstall
    Edit: You know what, I have my stuff saved in my F: drive, I'm thinking that might be the problem. If anyone from CA can confirm this, is there a fix (other than moving everything to my C: drive)?
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  • GaussiaGaussia Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,260
    So I've been playing around with Terry the last few days and ended up doing a VC map at maximum sizing featuring a town as well. I put quite a lot of attention to details (even putting in doors on buildings missing them and building up fences were they fit), in the end I'm very satisfied with the results:

    But when I start it all up it looks like this:

    I did a few start ups of the map in the beginning to chack that everything was alright. I did one in the middle and dismissed the lack of stuff that I hadn't exported the latest version properly. But now I notice that all terrain changes are there, but most of the buildings and other things I've placed are missing.

    Anyone have any idea what could have happened and how to fix it (a shame to let so much work be wasted). My only idea is that only a limited number of objects get displayed (?), but during e.g. Sieges there's a lot of houses. Also when you go to the mode in Terry that shows you how it would look like when loaded by the game it all looks ok.

    Meanwhile people should probably be careful not to have to many details on their maps until we know what's causing this.
  • MrJadeMrJade Senior Member Lansing, MIRegistered Users Posts: 7,166
    Well, that looks amazing. As far as the issue goes, good luck.
  • GaussiaGaussia Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,260
    Ok, I found the problem.

    Apparently I had placed most of the objects in the reference layer, which is not exported but still displayed in the Terry view.

    The maps seems to work fine and should be available. Search for Vanhaldenhof - XL Vampire Count Map with Town and you should find it.
  • Quintus_PetilliusQuintus_Petillius Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 145
    Why is it called Terry and not Ted?
    Steam ID: Quintus_Petillius_Cerialis
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  • GaussiaGaussia Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,260
    Ok. I've gotten some strange bug/wrong setting by mistake. Suddenly the map looks like this:

    Objects seems to still be there, but the graphics are all wacko. My guess I fiddled with the wrong setting (why now anyone would want things to look like this). Anyone have any idea?
  • danlhydanlhy Registered Users Posts: 2

    Why is it called Terry and not Ted?

    Terry for terrain. Plus, Ted already has a job hosting talks or something
  • GaussiaGaussia Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,260
    edited February 2017
    Having problems with the line of sight on my latest map. It\s all fields and stuff, but still line of sight is very short and erratic. Anyone encountered anything similar.

    Update: Apparently it's water that blocks Line of Sight. Don't know how to prevent that though...

    Update: Apparently you need to tick "Export as prop" on the water objects.
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  • BlackgoofguyBlackgoofguy Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited February 2017
    Thank you CA for putting some quality effort into an editor, custom/multiplayer battle maps will now become a lot more interesting and hopefully CA will take some of the best community made maps as inspiration to create better single player experiences for the next set of total war games.

    Don't let the naysayers bring you down, its a great step forward for modders to help build a better total war.
  • sek510isek510i Registered Users Posts: 4
    Really looking forward to this coming out on Windows 7. It was one of the first things I thought that this game could benefit from when I first saw it :)
    And who cares if it isn't for Campaign battles yet (apart from everybody who commented earlier, I mean). I'm sure some clever modder can make it happen if they really want to ;)
  • Johnny_depp_IIJohnny_depp_II Registered Users Posts: 1
    I didnt seem to find cascade2 in the “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” drop-down box.

    and now i cant find the terry program in tweak

    i did something wrong ey?
  • SonofAres55#5871SonofAres55#5871 Registered Users Posts: 3
    so the first time i used terry it was working fine except i was a little annoyed with the controls. however now it isnt working at all. I will try to load my saved map and all i get is a green grid. I waited just to see if it needed to load longer. came back after all day and it still was a grid so all my work is gone. FRUSTATING. then i am trying to start a new map and now i wont work at all. when the new map loads up i see the figure but when i zoom out everything becomes distorted and eventually everything is a green grid again so i cant do anything. was really excited about Terry but this isnt working.
  • GaussiaGaussia Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,260
    edited February 2017
    So I've been trying out the Terry Beta since released (Please check out my maps: http://imgur.com/a/H9J3s ). Here's some feedback:

    - I get error when I place the items Cracks_01 and Crack_2 in the map and tries exporting it.
    - You can rotate an object by holding ctrl. Sometimes this doesn't work untill you press Alt and move the mouse and then try ctrl for rotating.
    - Decimals are displayed as ".", but if you write a decimal number with "." nothing happen, rather you have to write it with "," (except for being annoying it prevents ctrl copy numbers directly).
    - On several of my maps the actual playing region is not the one I expect. When your in edit mode the full size is the full 8 grid. I make a playable region encompassing the entire region. However the actual playable region is much smaller, which made me put stuff that were meant to be inside the map outside of it.
    - In one map I put down a lot of blocks of wall. They all look fine. But when I load up the map a few have randomly popped up a bit and lies higher then the other (all have the same z coordinate). Can provide the file it it will help.- Items VMP>Graveyard> Metal Fence and Metal Gate have some texture hanging free over the fence itself. Probably should not be there.
    - Some of the Empire Rural Houses lack doors (you can add one yourself, if you want, so very minor problem). Yes this is small, if it's even a thing. Setting your own doors can be a good thing as well.

    Things that you should be able to do:

    - You should be able to select a bounce of objects, ctrl+c to copy them and then put down the identical set up somewhere else. This would make quite a few things easier.
    - There should be some way to put down the mirrored version of an object.
    - When an object is selected you should be able to rotate it by holding down ctrl, just like when you are placing it.
    - There should be a way to make your own preefabs (a bit like ctr+c for copy, but expanded). Saved between maps and sessions.
    - It would be cool if you could make a polygon Playable area, instead of just a rectangular one.
    - There should be an AI hint removing the defensive AI. If the AI is the defender it will just find a defensive hill and stand there, but for some maps that will make the battles looking pretty much the same and one have to force the AI by setting it to the attacker.
    - Within one Vista (or is it environment?) There's a certain number of weather patterns etc. present. I've noticed that the terrain texture of my map looks really bad in one, but not the others. We should be able to disable selected weathers and lighting (and generally have more control over this kind of stuff).
    - If you group something (a long wall or castle or mountain range) and want to change a small bit you have to ungroup it the same way you grouped it. Should be some good way to go into a group and change some object in it (a piece of wall not properly aligned, etc.)
    - Make you own Vanguard Deployment Zones.
    - Adding difficult terrain as e.g. Marshes. Though it would be automatical for shallow water, but apparently not.

    Clarity and keybinds:

    - There should be good explanations for all the stuff, a help button or something. E.g. what do the different types of AI hints actually do?
    - There should be explanations whats the difference between the various Vistas and Enviroments (like Brt_01 and Brt_02).
    - Likewise there should be explanations to the keybinds in the keybinds menu.
    - New players should be notified about the keybind menu. I had a lot of problems before I found it and saw the controls.
    - The mouse buttons needs to be included in the keybind menu. "Pan" seems to be set to middle mouse but only shows up as "...". This needs to be changed.
    - Could be nice to bind the same stuff to several keys. Less important, very situational.
    - There need to be key shortcuts to change looking angle, just like in the normal battle. Now you have to use Alt+Middle mouse (which is preferred, but there should be a keyboard option).
    - Probably would be good to have the same controls for Terry and battle map. You get used to Terry, but kinda confusing to swap back and forth.
    - There's a line of sight box in the settings. It seems useful, but it don't seem to do anything(?).

    Other Problems:

    - There are currently two different modes for watching the map. The "Realistic" one honestly looks kinda different from how the map usually looks for real. Also it's a lot more foggy than I think the map supposedly is when I have it in the game.
    - In the realistic mode there should be a button for removing all/some of the fog.
    - The should be some "light-up" button or similar. Removing shadows etc for better view. I have a map with lots of mountains and stuff got kinda dark.
    - If you have two objects of the same type (e.g. a wall) and but them right over each other and slide one to the side (to make a longer wall). If they overlap to much they will flimmer a lot in the battle map. Might be a texture problem that's hard to solve. (I solve it by moving one of the slightly in other direction + 0.005 or something, maybe a shortcut for doing this to many objects efficiently to prevent flimmer?).
    - There's a region around the 8 grid of potential playing area that you have partial control over but not kinda. Kinda can change texture and terrain level. What kind of control do you want to give us here? Only a problem for maps at maximum size (but those seems to be popular).
    - The ground under forests become naturally brown. This requires lots of effort to make it mix naturally with the surrounding grass. (Different textures with scattering and opacity and smoothing etc.)
    - There should be a good way to change current No-go regions (and similar polygon). These can get really large and if you find a small problem you will have to delete it. You should be able to select it, select a point in it and drag it around (or delete it, connecting its neighbors).
    - Flyers don't take water into account. You will find the submerging in it. If I don't check export as prop" I think the went over it, but then the lakes blocked vision...
    - The sorting of the stuff under "Props" is really bad. Lots of stuff is under a menu by it self, which just forces you to click an extra time.
    - In the buildings menu you can scroll stuff with up and down menu, which is great for looking whats in there. But if you do anything like moving around in the main window that stops. Would be nice if that weren't the case.
    - You get the export successfully window wish lets you open the game, which is good. But the window should close when you do (or there should be a setting for this).


    - More Terrain textures. Ar least allow us to use texture types from other environments in our maps. Bretonnian forests in Empire maps etc.
    - Better control of the surrounding terrain. For a given map the terrain around always looks the same. a little hills and a few trees and kinda dull but ok. This is a problem if I e.g. want to make a forest map. But I can't make any deep forests since my forest will be in the middle of what's mostly open. I can't make battles at the sea. Mountains are easier. Maybe give us a set of more than 1 present. Even better, divide the area around into 40 or something zones. For each zone I can choose a subtype (Forest, open, mixed (the current), water, mountains, etc. Different adjacent zones mix naturally in some way).
    - Same goes for when you make a river that just disappear at the edge of the map.
    - Good farm houses. The VC faction have a lot good, but there's a lack of average looking, kinda vanilla houses for normal situation (although if you rather have the guys building a Hydra, I think everyone would prefere that...).
    - (Also, more fields would be awesome, this is the kind of stuff you can put down a lot in many maps and it easily gets repetitive).
    - Flanking path AI Hint.
    - In addition to a regret key you should have the option to regret a regret ("going forward").
    - Siege battles :P. On a serious note Siege battles are by far the most popular type out there.
    - Options for Wood Elf and Beastmen maps in the Map editor. Maybe also a true Dwarf and underground version (people seems to make good maps like this anyway).
    - A good and easy way to make walkable bridges over water. Even better if you can walk over places were troops can be (People seems to be able to do bridges at least.
    - Would be nice with a "Lasso Tool" for making No go regions. Draw around something and it will automatically move down and make the polygon that contains all the buildings within the plane.
    - Letting people making there own Buildings and prefabs and make available for others to use (don't know how many would do this though).
    (Adding maps to the campaign were going to top this list, but you managed to cover this quickly...)
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  • WorexWorex Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited February 2017
    If I open Total War Warhammer assembly kit and open Tweak,I can only open Dave. How can I get Terry?
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,796
    Worex said:

    If I open Total War Warhammer assembly kit and open Tweak,I can only open Dave. How can I get Terry?

    You need to be running Windows 10 at the moment. If you are not using that OS, you will have to wait until the full version becomes available with the OWE.

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  • PrometheusPrometheus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 788
    Hello , sorry if I didn't read throught all the paces, but ... is the guide already out?
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,796
    Not yet.

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  • SonofAres55#5871SonofAres55#5871 Registered Users Posts: 3
    i accidentally pressed r in terry which reset the camera. i have pressed ecs and right click on the mouse. however, the camera isnt changing back to the orignal view. how do i fix this?
  • twc01twc01 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 465
    Modablity and loss of sales

    While I can only speak for me, my two brothers, and father, I assume they're are others like us. I first played medieval total war and viking invasion and fell in love with total war. This was the greatest game I had ever played. I was learning history while i played an amazing strategic game. I than told my family about it and we all got Rome with excitement. It was a good game [ I got to learn history here as well] but it was missing something from medieval and I was not sure what. I later concluded it was the battles that have been super charged for speed and a loss of immersion in the game. In medieval I felt like I was a king in the time period. However my brother found an amazing mod called Rome total Realism and that made Rome a great buy.

    I than bought medieval 2. This had improved over Rome in areas such as the battle speeds, but the AI and lack of MP campaign [along with all battles being sieges] kept it from being a great game and diminished my excitement for total war games. Empire was a vast improvement and added the much needed campaign mp but in a unreliable beta version. However I was back in love with total war ready to buy all the new titles.

    Than came shogun, I did not buy it as it was a time period of no interest to me. But given total realism type mods, I would buy it later if a mod came I liked. However this never came and the battles were back to super speed and worst yet, RPS combat controlled victory from what I was told. I was done with total war.

    But not for long. Rome 2 came out and was advertised as fixing many of the things I disliked about shogun. Less RPS effect, slower battles, [jack lusted you sneaky liar] and more historical authenticity. I thought for sure total realism would be able to fix any remaining issues so I bought the game assuming total realism could fix it. However this game was the worst yet, they had not only not fixed the issues, they added magic buttons in battles so the winner was who could click the right magic button the fastest and who could match up what unit with their counter unit [RPS] gone were the epic strategic, battles of medieval 1 and viking invasion. Terran, morale, holding your line, flanking etc matters less than hitting a magic button. Decision's on the campaign map seemed to have no actual effect on how well you played. But worst of all the game could not be fixed through modding. I had never been so disappointed [my fault for getting hyped up] in a game, it was the Indiana Jones 4 of video games.

    I have not since bought a total war game. However my interest was peeked when I heard of warhammer total war. If CA entered fantasy maybe my beloved lord of the rings might happen and it would fit perfectly into total war and the game makers could still have their magic buttons, but it would be ok. Or better yet, maybe a mod of LOTR for warhammer would be created. Sadly it was found out this game was not modabel so I did not buy the game.

    Ok I have given the backstory. I will not buy another total war given the direction they have gone since shogun 2 is not to my liking. Its sad but even a LOTR would likely be butchered. Clearly the sales are good but the direction is not for everyone.

    How it effects sales

    Lack of modding effects sales a few ways. I dont buy any games unless they can be drastically improved through total conversion mods. If a medieval 3 came out and could be modded the way medieval 2 games could, than without question I would buy it. Just see what the third age mod did. I bought kingdoms expansion years after third age was finished just to play the mod. If games could be modded like that than I would be willing to buy vanilla at release such as I did withRome 2 with the anticipation of mods improving the game. Instead the games end with a no sale to me because of lack of modding.

    So when CA looks to number of sales after mods are released to view their impact, I think they are missing the majority of would be sales that modding could provide. They just dont see those numbers because those are people not buying the game at all, like me. I dont see a reason why I would not buy almost every total war game if it had the ability to be a total conversion mod similar to the way medieval 2 total war was.
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  • FinishingLast#1402FinishingLast#1402 Registered Users Posts: 4,856
    Total War Warhammer is moddable, but not to the degree that Medieval was. You can look through the mods for it on Steam.
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  • JemimillerhueyJemimillerhuey Registered Users Posts: 1
    To all those that are haters of what CA are doing, shhhhhhh it's an amazing game and it is the best total war to date. Stop being such a pesemistic bunch of so and so's and just enjoy the game and all of the extras that come with it. Thank you CA you have made Warhammer accessible without spending hundreds on models. I'm with you.
  • manuelbuenomanuelbueno Registered Users Posts: 129

    Good night, I have problems with terry I currently keep the map but it does not appear on the client (where the mods I am creating are loaded) any ideas to solve it? thank you very much
  • alsaadialsaadi Registered Users Posts: 18
    Hello my friends
    I like to share all the tricks of the total and a beautiful war, but there are problems in the turn or role This make the game time so if the person play online through the Internet be fast and because of the improvement of the Internet and be a big turnout Make the game in the time and not a turn or role please I was from I agree with the press to see the comment and we want news about saga
  • tanman729tanman729 Registered Users Posts: 11
    hey so the map editor has been unusably laggy for a few months. i want to get into map making but i can't find anyone who has a solution. map making is dead until you guys fix the editor
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