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Total War Warhamer - Assembly Kit BETA (BUGs)

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Hello everyone, (i hope i post this in the correct category)

After working a bit with the Assembly Kit for Total Warhammer (Terry), which is currently in Beta, i noticed already 2 bugs.
The first one is a bit specific, but still important for some users with the same hardware. I use a mouse from Logitech the G502 and it has some cool features, one unfortunately causes some trouble. It is the scrolling wheel that you can move to the sides as well. The problem with this is that when moving the wheel to the left side, the camera will instantly teleport to the ground level where your camera is currently positioned, which can be really confusing and frustrating. I did not find a fix for this so far.
The last bug i found is a bit more general. If you go into the the "PREFAB" option and select the object: "giant_mushroom_cluster_01", you can find in the following path: "glb -> nature", and place it anywhere on your map and try to save it, an error message occurs with the following text (link to picture on the webside "imigur"): "http://imgur.com/Uu536OO". After you clicked on the "OK" button this message will come up (link to picture on the webside "imigur"): "http://imgur.com/0ORWK8w". I worked around it by simply not using this "PREFAB object" and replicate it with the the other tools in Terry, which takes some time.
After all this said, i still think that overall this new Editor is really nice tool to work with and a lot better than the previos versions. Just need to fix these bugs and there are probably more then those 2 i discovered so far ;D

Thank you for reading :smile: ,



I found other Prefabs, that you can not use due to saving errors: it is the "emp_nature_rocks_01, emp_nature_rocks_03". You can find them under: Prefab -> emp->nature
Another error that i found was that you can not export your map, when you are using the riverbanks, so you have to delete them and use sth different.
Btw you can also post other prefab errors in this post if you want to, maybe this would help some people, thank you ♥ :wink:
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