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Graphics in Attila have went insane, can anyone help?

RandyAndyManRandyAndyMan Registered Users Posts: 3
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I've been playing Attila for a while now, but the other day I went on it to see that the contrast has went crazy: there is far too much emphasis on yellow, white and cream, with all of the other colours being drowned out. I didn't make any settings adjustments, yet I found that the settings were altered to their default state, with the advisor even making comments. I checked the launcher after checking all the settings menu and I saw that it said on the play button "Drivers may be out of date- consider updating them" or something like that. So I had updated my drivers to the newest version and went back onto the launcher- alas, the caution had gone, and now the button simply read "PLAY".

When I clicked on it though, I saw, to my dismay, that the colours were still skewed to the point where I cannot read text and it hurts my eyes to look at the screen for more than a minute. Needless to say, the game right now is unplayable, which is rather upsetting seeing as though I've sank about £40 into it, and I consider it to be a very entertaining product. Does anyone have any idea how I can change this, so I can spend another 286hours on it?

[EDIT] I just thought that maybe some symptoms of the saturation contrast should be listed, just so you get a better understanding on how it's affecting the game: Icons, especially those of armies or cities are insanely shiny-bright white, and are disturbing to look at. In the faction relations menu, I cannot read the various options anymore (the stuff like "Declare War" or "Demand Gift"), unless I REALLY strain to look at them. The loading screen which bears the Attila logo before the "Smoke and Blood" cutscene is ridiculously dark, so much so that it's practically a logo, cut off by a dark circle around it, without the large sheet of leather that used to be there. All instances of the colours white or yellow or cream are magnified to such a degree that they overpower other colours, such as black text or grey details. In battle, the text to start the battle is morphed into a graphical glitch so as to make it unreadable, with unit cards being unbearably stand-offish.

I have attempted to play with these new alterations, but it has proven to be impossible- looking into the settings is useless, apart from making it SLIGHTLY less unbearable by making the gamma and brightness set to max. Do you have any ideas how to fix this? I'm certain it isn't my drivers, as they have been freshly updated and the game launcher does not specify that I need to alter them. Any help would be appreciated. [END EDIT]

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