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Warhammer Total War: New Campaign Crash

SoulefeinSoulefein Registered Users Posts: 10
I'm really hoping someone can help me here! I have tried all (I mean EVERYTHING) the suggestions throughout the various posts for the problems with this game, and I still cannot get it to work.

Problem details:
- The game launches without any problem at all - no freezes, it's not jittery. Main menu is smooth.
- As soon as I select a 'New Campaign', it loads 95% of the final loading screen and then stops. It then crashed 1-2 minutes after reaching that stage.

Solutions I have already tried:
- Reinstalling the game
- Verifying the Game Cache
- Reinstalling and repairing the Redistributables
- Running in offline/windowed/administrator modes
- Installing each and all of the various 'Beta Patches' available through, and then retrying the tweaks mentioned above
- Updating my drivers
- Reinstalling my graphics card and drivers
- Sacrificing a lamb to appease the Old Gods.

I can provide a DxDiag report if that will help, but the 'preferences' and 'mini dump' folders/files are empty/non-existent.

My computer is a gaming laptop, with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card and only a year old. I have no problem running other very demanding games... But I would really love to run this one!

Please help somebody!


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