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Star Wars total war

jbusyjbusy Posts: 1Registered Users
imagine how awesome a total war stars could potentially be.
I think it possible after the release of war hammer it is possible to enact a star wars battle vehicles and all.

if i can expand on how i see the game

Allegiances : Republic, Empire, or hutt cartel
I feel the game should be brought to an era unexplored by star wars, to give a feeling of self and build your own heroes.

Each allegiance has political parties (factions with in the allegiance) trying to gain better position for themselves and allies.
I like how in mid evil total war there was a system the priest went thru to become pope. the goal for your faction leader is to gain influence and prestige to become, supreme consular, Grand Moff, or the leader of the hutt cartel.

thats the end goal, they'll be offices to occupy lower postitions. the postions grant salaries for time occupied and give you diplomatic advantages, which factions looks to seek your favor or jealousy that can rip the faction apart, and separate from alliances to form their own or join another.

You have a political party tree too similar to total war two where you can see the balance power.
family tree and characters in the faction, similar also mid evil total war, but have offices like in attlia total war.

Agents aside the regular ones we are used to, jedi and sith spread the force to star systems for the take over while hutt use an extortionist to creation corruption.

Jedi units work outside of allegiances and or awarded to families standing in your faction at a certain point you can build your own recruiting site(temple) but a power of influences most be meet to acquire a force user. Once you have one they are in your faction and can be used as units in warhammer were used, such as wizard, or vampire. When your Jedi gain lvl they can have apprentices as a helper, raising it as adopted child if your jedi advances to counsel or Sith lord more favorable assistance will be given to you by those delivering it

I like the idea of capturing generals Its not that popular in total war recently. but to capture agents and generals to sell back or to turn them to your cause. and what point would a bounty hunter be if you couldnt ransome.

This was just an idea, I really hope to see a star wars total war game out there


  • FinucFinuc Posts: 1Registered Users
    I had similar thoughts. I think TW could totally dive in the Star Wars realms.

    There are so many interesting and varied armies that could be used:
    Imperial army, Rebel army, Clone army, Gungan and Geonosians just to mention few. All these have already very varied units they could field.

    In addition there are a lot of interesting units and races that could be somewhat implemented: Trandoshan, Gamorrean, Wookies and Ewoks, Jawas and Sand People and of course Mandalorians.

    Numerous different type of worlds/biomes to use as terrain.

    A lot of cool and interesting creatures/tech that can be used as special units in the fields. AT-ATs. X-Wings, Rancors just to name few.

    Legion of cool characters to use as leaders and commanders with interesting special skills...

    And of course, Force as the "magic" in the world giving more than enough cool possibilites to affect the battlefields.

    And with the fact that there aren't really any (good) SW Strategy/Tactical games in the market, it should be a no brainer to hit that.
    Now, I know there is a problem - the IP is Disneys and I don't think it's going to be cheap to licence - if even possible, as EA owns at least some of it... but I would bet that it would be worth trying, as with all the new movies etc. it would literally be money printing machine - and bring new fanbase to the TW family...

    So... +1 for the OP (Even tho it's been a while) and I hope there will be a TW: Star Wars in the near future. As while I do like all of the TW games, the "prehistorical" type of gameplay is getting a bit played out and it's been way too long time from TW: Empire / Napoleon.
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