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Wood Elves getting a Nerf?

vicbergvicberg Registered Users Posts: 19
I've played all factions. In each game, I keep seeing the Wood Elves (AI Controlled) become a massive force. When the game plays out like that the same way every time, there's something off.

The problem is that Wood Elves can colonize everything. The easiest Nerf to control this is to NOT allow them to colonize everything or at a minimum make it cost a heck of a lot more to colonize. Or another is to make them way less aggressive as AI controlled. This is even more important because the Elves are in the south and away from the Chaos ruination that happens primarily to the empire.,l so they consistently become massive.

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  • KhorneFlakesKhorneFlakes Registered Users Posts: 4,003
  • K_DizzleK_Dizzle Registered Users Posts: 5
    There is a mod that makes the Elves act as Elves pacifying them. They keep to their forests instead of focusing on world domination. I don't own that DLC yet, but if they can colonize everything that seems odd. Grasslands and forests ok. Mountains/snow/ect... not ok.
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    I think the best solution would just be to have amber gained permanently when they take a settlement. Would make so they would just go out on "wild hunts" to sake a settlement for a turn and retrieve all he amber. There needs to be a lot more returning home for their armies. Maybe the army should need to transfer the amber, leaving all their outposts less protected.
  • AnnoyedOneEyedGuyAnnoyedOneEyedGuy Registered Users Posts: 2,484
    My biggest issue with the elves is that when playing as beastmen, they suddenly get a hard on for me and send 3/4 armies after me where ever i am on the map. ignoring other enemy armies. i can be at Norsca and they have 4 enemies between them an i yet they chase me down.
    Second issue is how OP their archers are, if you dont have fast cav or razorgors you might as well just start the match and leave the comp. and when you try to chase them they just retreat while firing.
    Either beastmen need a buff (which they do) or Elves need a rebalance
  • MakoTheMakoMakoTheMako Registered Users Posts: 1,246
    Centigors with great weapons and Minos with shields are your best bet

    die about it

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