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Killed by my own Waaghs

Taiona#5719Taiona#5719 Registered Users Posts: 9

Playing in a Legendary coop campaign with a friend of mine. I was playing Skarsnik, he was playing Chaos. He declared war on a vassal norscan tribe. My own Waagh decided that he would not join me in declaring war. This broke my alliance with my own waaghs.

Funny thing is, no warning the waaagh was now my enemy. No ability to attack my own waaaghs. No way to disband the Waaghs. So when my two Waaghs sieged me inside my own castles. I could not stop them, or attack them, or fight them. They starved me out and I died. No armies = wood elves invade. 5 hours of coop gameplay wasted due to a **** poor programming bug.

Thought you should know about this. Maybe you can fix it.


My own Waaghs kilt me Skarsnik :-(

P.S. Fightiness is a dumb mechanic


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