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Attila TW TEd Tutorial, My Version (word doc)

Doomon15Doomon15 Junior MemberPosts: 60Registered Users, Cakes!
Ok so it’s been quite some time since anything has been done Attila wise for TEd and since several people and longer time fans of mine too have come to have an interest in map editing in Attila I’m going to decide to drop this tutorial I devised awhile back as I feel it’s ready to be put out there and I can’t keep answering every souls questions out there.

Still a WIP but I’ve put a gargantuan amount of info in this document so whoever wants to use it feel free to and if you got questions that need answering that are not in the doc then ask away and ill ad them to the doc too.

So enjoy and hope this proves helpful, like I said this is still a WIP so more info will be added to it when I got time:

"Burn the heretic,
kill the mutant,
Purge the unclean"



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