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Weird Perfomance at Campaign map and battles. (Also Graphics)

WerdogWerdog Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 5
edited March 2017 in Performance & Graphics
(Before start reading, yes, I turned off all the mods and reinstaled the game twice)


I've been having a weird performance of the game at campaign map (specially whenthe diplomatic window opens, the game just go to 10 fps or so) and in battle it has fps spikes going down from 50~ to 15~.

The thing that specially annoys me is that since the release of TWW I was playing all okay without problems (maybe some mini lags at fps because my PC isn't a monster, but u know, It was pretty okay and enjoyable), but now It get to a point that I can't face it and just **** me off.

And with the Bretonia relesease this went even worse, the graphic quality of the game have been afected because It's a lot worse than before, plus when I exit the game I must close it shutting down the .exe and also sometimes it stops the sound service of the pc! Yes, I'm sure about that, the 3 times I closed TWW the sound service stopped working an also the windows management bar too (the line where appears the program u're using atm down in the screen, I don't know the exact name in English :v)

Sorry about my english, hope u guys can help me raising more WAAAAAAGHS!

v1.6.0 Build.
13306.1026271 (modded)

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