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how to enable weapon length system?

yhlwymyjm4yhlwymyjm4 Registered Users Posts: 12
i checked the cost & weapons of shock cavalry in ROME2 1.0 version, length of lance is 3.2,but it doesn't work,
the melee cavalry is much more powerful than the shock cavalry in the same cost,
i get that shock cavalry should be strengthened in that way not only be just added some charge bonus or melee defence but using long_lance to attach more enemy while chagring,
and they will have a axe as secondary weapons,
that's how shock cavalry works in M2!
i really don't like the way now that shock cavalry means only more charge bonus,it's tasteless
but i cannot modding it as what i expect,
anyone can help me?


  • everythingDusteverythingDust Registered Users Posts: 1
    Melee cavalry should be much more powerful than shock cavalry. This should be especially true when melee cavalry is fighting other cavalry cohorts because the only reason to ever have a large cohort of mounted swords is specifically to counter an opponent with mounted lance to protect and prevent mounted lances from flanking infantry.

    WITH THAT IN MIND, consider how lances, mounted spears, mounted pikes, whatever your shock cavalry preference happens to be, the key of understanding their utility is by thinking of them not as bringers of fast and unstoppable death, but more like cowboys herding cattle. That's how it works in real life. They charge and retreat as much as they can. They cannot remain in combat very long because the moment they're no longer charging they become stationary, outnumbered, line-of-site targets to a lot of infantry.
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