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Multiplayer COOP Campaign desynch (I guess _related_ to Skaelinger/Bretonia)

Portal_WombatPortal_Wombat MemberRegistered Users Posts: 55
edited March 2017 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build: 1.6.0 (all mods disabled!)

Detailed description: We get a constant desynch problem in two coop campaigns in a row regarding very similiar events. Last week we played a coop campaign, my friend as Bordelaux and I as Bretonia. We had no problems playing the campaign until turn ~50ish, the game desynched EVERY time at the end of the end of turn process, when it's skaelingers turn. They had a few armys coming towards Marienburg (This was the "second wave". The Skealinger tried to attack Marienburg a few turns befor and I defeated them. This is the second invasion. I am not sure if this detail matters to you for finding the error, but it occurs again) The desynch error occured after they moved. We couldn't get past this part and abandoned the campaign.

We started a coop campaign again this week. My friend as Bretonia, I as Woodelves. Again, we conquered Marienburg. Skaelinger attacked us (as a first wave) in Marienburg. We defeated them. And again, it's now turn 58, they send a second invasion down to Marienburg. It's the end of the turn. Skealinger is moving. Desynch error. Can't get past it.

I don't know if this is just a really big coincidence or if these skaelinger invasions are scripted but I hope this helps you finding the crash or if you can tell me how to get past this point. We really would like to continue our campaign...

I can provide you with the savegame if needed.

Reproduction Steps:

See above. If it counts as reproduction.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

Loading a different savegame (few turns before, we keep several saves for the campaign) - trying different attempts on further attacks and sieges. Again, same turn, Skaelinger starts his invasion. Same desynch.




Do any workaround solutions exist?


  • SethrianSethrian Registered Users Posts: 2
    No way it's a coincidence. The exact same thing happened to us in 2 separate co-op campaigns.
  • Soulfly93Soulfly93 Registered Users Posts: 30
    Omg I love you guys, this needs to be adressed.

    I was Playing with my friend multiplayer co-op. I Had Carcasonne and him, Wood Elves. at around turn 100, things began to go down the drain. De-syncs left & right, and it always appeared to be on the Warrior of Chaos, Skaeling, Beastmen or Varg turn( all horde factions, don't know if its relevant). Never on other factions. We both noticed it. Never in battles, always on the AI turn from the factions listed above.

    We tried sending the host save via email and what not so he could put it in his files. Worked for 5 turns then desync on one of the factions above. We tried Hamachi with no results. We searched for answers endlessly on the web noticing that problem have been around for quite some time.

    We put alot of hours and love into our campaign and would like to be able to finish this really fun journey!

    If anyone have any kind of feedback or solution on this please let me know! We are desperate.
  • Soulfly93Soulfly93 Registered Users Posts: 30
    Can we get a follow up on this, we literally can't play the game right now.
  • Trebor_twTrebor_tw Registered Users Posts: 599
    Around turn 37 for me in my coop campaign playing as 2 bretonnia factions. Once the desync happens the first time, it is constant and we cannot progress anymore.
  • Soulfly93Soulfly93 Registered Users Posts: 30
    Hello anyone?
  • Portal_WombatPortal_Wombat Member Registered Users Posts: 55
    And it seems the new beta patch doesn't even address this problem.
  • TonyHawkTonyHawk Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited March 2017
    My friend and I are having the exact same issue, it's happened all game on either skaeling, varg or chaos turn. We are playing on legendary so there are only 2 saves. We have had numerous desyncs on these factions' turns throughout the game. We got around this by loading the earlier save each time a desync happened. We are now at a point, about 156 turns or 30 hours in where its warriors of chaos turn and it desyncs for both save files. So our campaign is effectively dead, 30 hours down the drain.

    Can we please get a response from a mod at least acknowledging the problem? It is clearly not a coincidence. I can also provide a save file if needed.
  • MansoniacMansoniac Registered Users Posts: 1
    Got the same problems as the above posts me and my Gf playing as Bretonnia and wood elves got a desync at AI's turn and we cant progress from there.
    This is at around turn 100 ish and during vargs turn can also provide game saves if necessary.

    Can we please have some sort of reply from a Dev/Mod....
  • LarynjaLarynja Registered Users Posts: 16
    Having the same problem. First with Carcasonne and Clan Angrund at around turn 100, then the next campaign with Bretonnia and Wood Elves around turn 50 (AI turn Nordland, who are about to attack Salzenburg belonging to Bretonnia). Played Beastman/Chaos inbetween without desync.
  • Fullmetal33uFullmetal33u Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same exact problem I almost didn't believe it until I read all the other comments like myself, bordeleaux and wood elves turn 85, Marienburg being attacked by skaelings 2nd wave, going to try and load further back and stop skaelings from attacking marienburg at all maybe that will prevent the desync
  • Fullmetal33uFullmetal33u Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same exact problem I almost didn't believe it until I read all the other comments like myself, bordeleaux and woodelves turn 85, Marienburg being attacked by skaelings 2nd wave, going to try and load further back and stop skaelings from attacking marine burg
  • MystrissMystriss Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited November 2017
    Same issue here [still? again?] Playing Dark Elves and Dwarves co-op in Warhammer II ME DLC. Local network.

    Seems like it's happening during one of the Norse AI's, but I've admittedly not paid full attention to when it hit. So far all of ours have re-synced alright so we haven't even "lost" a turn yet, just the time it takes to go through all the AIs turns.
  • kruggkrugg Registered Users Posts: 4
    Have this same issue with greenskins and lizardmen last defenders, right after the cinematic where chaos invades.... Game loses sync everytime... Please patch and fix
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,925
    @Mystriss @krugg You need to post this in the Warhammer II support forums.

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