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Sarthorael not awarded upon completion of Legendary Carcassonne

ShetlandApacheShetlandApache Registered Users Posts: 410
I am not a fan of the campaign in this game, I get that the rewards are incentives to get people to play what feels like a half finished campaign when compared to any older total war. I finished my first campaign on legendary because I wanted to get Sarthorael for Multiplayer, the campaign took almost 5 hours and wasnt very much fun for me to do. Upon completion of it (got the victory message and everything) I never got sarthorael as a lord. Is there any way for me to unlock him wihtout ripping my eyes out doing another full campaign?? Honestly it seems like if the rewards are bugging out, they should just be given to everyone whether or not they complete the correct campaign. I feel like I spent 5 hours of my time trying to annoy myself for no reward. Does anyone have any ideas what the least time-consuming way for me to unlock Sarthorael at this point would be?


  • Mogwai_Man#4978Mogwai_Man#4978 Registered Users Posts: 6,121
    There isn't really a fast way to unlock him. You need to finish a campaign. Try finishing a chaos or beastmen campaign.
  • TyphoonNewt#4540TyphoonNewt#4540 Registered Users Posts: 350
    You have to complete the chaos campaign to unlock him. On any difficulty.
  • B1ing3rmanB1ing3rman Registered Users Posts: 357
    edited March 2017
    No this is not true. I got him completing a campaign with a different race than Chaos. I think it was with Vampire counts or Skarsnik. I dont remember. By the way you can unlock him in normal difficulty.
    Perhaps you must have the Chaos DLC in order to be able to unlock him. Do you own the DLC?
  • Barrel02Barrel02 Registered Users Posts: 97
    Of course you need the WoC DLC and the campaign needs to be SP. On MP regardless if Coop or Head to Head you wont earn any of the rewards.
  • ShetlandApacheShetlandApache Registered Users Posts: 410
    I have all the dlc, but I was using the campaign map mod test, so maybe using a mod had something to do with it? thanks for the ideas so far, looks like i have to blow through an easier campaign and just hope it work that time i guess.
  • TheHolyPilgrimTheHolyPilgrim Registered Users Posts: 453
    Mods won't affect the unlocking of Sarthorael.

    krunsh said:

    Does activating a mod disable achievements? For some reason, I've been a little too motivated by the Steam Achievements of this game... but also really want to use Kam's "Proper Combat" mod, at least until a few patches have come out.


    They dont! All the achievement hunting for you! ^_^
    All you have to do is beat the Grand Campaign as any of the original 4 races (Empire, Orcs, Dwarfs, or Vampire Counts). Don't use any subfactions just to be sure.

    I played a campaign as the Beastmen and I completed both the short and long victories and I did not get Sarthorael. I tried completing a campaign as the Vampire Counts with some mods and when I beat it, I got him.

    As Barrel02 said, make sure you're playing a SP campaign; I've completed several co-op campaigns and they do not unlock him.
  • ShetlandApacheShetlandApache Registered Users Posts: 410
    Thank you TheHolyPilgrim, will just do a basic 4 campaign then!
  • DaGangster#8697DaGangster#8697 Registered Users Posts: 1,918
    I completed a Chaos campaign on normal and got him.

    Team Vampire Counts

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  • FlyingWarPigWithPawsFlyingWarPigWithPaws Registered Users Posts: 871
    Completed a Beastmen Campaign on VH and didnt get him.

  • MrJadeMrJade Registered Users Posts: 7,166

    Completed a Beastmen Campaign on VH and didnt get him.

    Won't get him for BM or WE. Gotta be Dorfs, GS, VC (not Car-stein), or Empire.
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