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What the teams are working on 17/03/2017



  • ArneTheWaystriderArneTheWaystrider Posts: 7Registered Users
    Extremely pleased with Total War Warhammer so far. I'm really hoping you guys add another lord to the wood elves like a Waystrider, and I'm praying you guys can add in dark elves, high elves, lizardmen and skaven.. that would make the game for me like a 10/10. It's one of my favorite games as is right now however so thanks dev team and keep up your great work!
  • Aman3712Aman3712 Posts: 428Registered Users
    Like a lot of people here, I'd really like to see more dlc/free-lc releases for the first game to flesh it out more and keep plays excited before the second game officially drops. Like, depending on how many months away the next instalment is from releasing, perhaps you guys could release smaller-scale DLCs every month that add new units, heroes, lords, and playable minor factions, along with some sprinkles of free-lc.

    Plus, if the next installment will also allow players to play as Old World factions with their dlcs and free-lcs (Empire, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, etc.) then that would be even better!
  • Ice_creamIce_cream Posts: 669Registered Users
    edited March 2017
    neoiq5719 said:

    While I am looking forward to the new stuff, it is all the more annoying that this "announcement" was lot of words about absolutely nothing.

    How about you guys stop with these pointless teases, and only make announcements when you actually have something worth announcing? You are not a kickstarted shady indie dev that needs to remind their backers every month that they have not yet run off with the money. We trust you enough already!

    Duuuude chiiiiill!!!

    In-detail info will be shared at the appropriate time, not now. Moreover in this announcement there's a lot of info worth announcing:
    - Our next major historical release is now in full production with the game design locked and asset creation fully underway;
    - given the success of our DLC so far, we are also looking at further possible content for the current game;
    - the second part of the trilogy comes together, particularly as the distinctive races take shape and their playstyles solidify in campaign and battle;
    - we’ve recently being conducting investigations into whether we can produce additional stand-alone follow-ups or DLC for release before the next major historical title in the series.

    Isn't this enough for you?

    Do you actually expect that they will waste a better timing and opportunity for a more effective announcement by revealing all their future plans in detail in one forum post (with all respects to forum posts ;) )?

    Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet.
    We already knew about all this so I guess mitthrawnuruodo was right on point
    Did you know that the historical title is now in full production or that they are looking at possible new content for game 1? ****, does your father work at CA or what?

    As my father doesnt work in CA, these are good news for me.
  • RafSwi7RafSwi7 Senior Member Posts: 1,069Registered Users
    More content for Warhammer and the older titles? Great news!

    GC: Ardiaei, Arevaci, Athens, Baktria, Carthage, Cimmeria, Egypt, Epirus, Iceni, Kush, Lusitani, Macedon, Masaesyli, Massagetae, Massalia, Nabatea, Nervii, Odrysian Kingdom, Parthia, Pergamon, Rome, Royal Scythia, Saba, Seleucid, Sparta, Suebi, Syracuse.
    CiG: Arverni, Rome, Suebi.
    HatG: Arevaci, Carthage, Rome, Syracuse.
    IA: Antony's Rome, Dacia, Egypt, Marcomanni, Octavian's Rome, Parthia, Pompey's Rome.
    WoS: Athenai, Boiotian League, Korinthos, Sparta.
    ED: Caledonii, Marcomanni, Palmyra, Rome, Saxoni, The Sassanids.
    RotR: Rome, Samnites, Syracuse, Taras, Tarchuna.
    GC: Alans, Eastern Roman Empire, Geats, Himyar, Jutes, Ostrogoths, Saxons, Venedians.
    TLR: Roman Expedition, Visigothic Kingdom.
    AoC: Kingdom of Asturias, Kingdom of Charlemagne, Kingdom of the Danes, Kingdom of Mercia.
    Gwined, Sudreyar, West Seaxe.
    WARHAMMER 1 & 2
    Argwylon, Carcassonne, Clan Angrund, Nagarythe, Norsca, The Blessed Dread, The Empire, Von Carstein.
  • SindrissSindriss Posts: 375Registered Users
    CA_Whelan said:

    blah blah blah we are working on stuff we cant tell you about blah blah blah

  • ConanthelibrarianConanthelibrarian Junior Member Posts: 98Registered Users
    Nodosa said:

    CA_Whelan said:

    Black Ops Task Team – Unannounced Total War Title

    As you may have read in the last update, we’ve recently being conducting investigations into whether we can produce additional stand-alone follow-ups or DLC for release before the next major historical title in the series. Initial plans are promising and now Jack Lusted and veteran team members from the ROME II and ATTILA new content teams have formed a new Total War team to investigate further.
    Oh please, tell us what it is! I cant wait, this is the most interesting news in the entire announcement, as it is as secretive as the next historical total war game. The only thing that comes to my mind is adding a totally new campaign in Rome 2......like in China.

    Honestly, I would love if they were making some kind of RPG in either the skyrim or Dragon Age vein. Think of the stories that could be told! You could do 100 of these games and never run out of material.

    Long shot but a guy can dream.
  • NflicknerNflickner Junior Member Posts: 58Registered Users
    edited March 2017
    Great news CA!
    I hope that you guys put some more love back into Rome 2 :) The DEI modding team has made it into a masterpiece.
    Also very excited about the possibility of Warhammer game 1 Old World getting more stuff added (or shall I say completed?) Definitelly hoping you guys fill out the missing rosters on some of the races as FLC. Would be much appreciated :) Thanks so much again! Forgive me for the slight snarkiness above. I really do appreciate what you are doing!
    P.S. Please add imperial dragon as a mount option for Karl Franz!!!!! It would be cool if (in accordance with lore) he couldn't use it every battle after you unlocked it, but only occassionally.
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  • SkyspiritSkyspirit Posts: 14Registered Users
    Can't wait for Warhammer Game 2! Also, I think more DLC for the Old World would be great!
  • The LumberJackThe LumberJack Posts: 16Registered Users
    Man, you guys have been delivering good content with this latest title CA! Keep up the good work! I can't wait till you all announce the next game's races and setting, hopefully Skaven is included!
  • AxelradAxelrad Senior Member Posts: 629Registered Users
    The Black Ops Task Team is better news than I could've hoped for. Can't wait to see what they come up with. I'm very curious to see if it's just for Attila (my guess, since it's the most recent game) or whether Rome 2 will get something as well. There are some fascinating expansion campaign opportunities all over.

    Also glad to hear that TWW might get some more content.
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 4,465Registered Users
    CA_Whelan said:

    While the majority of the dev team is busy working on DLC and free content plans for the sequel; given the success of our DLC so far, we are also looking at further possible content for the current game.

    This made my day. Great news!
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 4,465Registered Users

    I do want a recruitment system tied to population, I do want to manage my own garrisons and I do want to move around a single unit around the map. And without a general, thankyouverymuch. If I change my mind, I'll just add a general manually. Please remove these silly limitations wherever they are, that were obviously put there to cater for the AI.

    Good God, I hope not. Sounds like the very micromanagement nightmare that CA has steadily tried to get rid of since Empire.

  • VardanoVardano Member Posts: 44Registered Users
    It would be nice if you give at least an idea when or what we can expect from a new stuff for a current game or which directions you are aiming for Lack of transparency while communicating with community is huge let down from CA for a long time now.
  • TayvarTayvar Posts: 9,853Registered Users
    It's very good to hear that CA is planning to do more DLCs for the old world, there is still many playble minor factions, units and characters that could be added, in different ways. If the old world would be abandoned was my main concern about the "sequel"/new part of the grand campaign map. Also improving the Old World is going to improving the whole trilogy, especially considering that it would be possible to connect the maps.
    4 Fully Independent Monogods Armies would be great for a Storyline about the Great Game in Total War: Warhammer 3.
  • DiamonikonDiamonikon Posts: 1Registered Users

    New Content Team – Total War: WARHAMMER DLC and Free-LC

    Obviously the new content team have been very busy recently working on Both Isabella Von Carstein, as well as our even bigger Free-LC Bretonnia! Both of which are now available to download and enjoy here. Bretonnia in particular has been really popular and we’re very pleased by the passionate response.

    While the majority of the dev team is busy working on DLC and free content plans for the sequel; given the success of our DLC so far, we are also looking at further possible content for the current game.

    Might be because you guys put effort into Bretonnia and gave it to people for free? Yes people love effort DLC's that are either free or cost liek 4-5€/$
  • Nyanko73Nyanko73 Junior Member Posts: 1,351Registered Users
    Total War Warhammer being by far my favorite strategic game of all times, I am pleased by the news of course.

    That being said, if you intend to add more content to game 1, could you consider different starting positions for the Empire? Cause with Chaos, they are the only ones not having those. And it would be nice I think.

    Team Yennefer

    "A blinding flash materialised into a transparent sphere, and inside it loomed a shape, assuming contours and shapes at frightening speed. Dandelion recognised it at once. He knew those wild, black curls and the obsidian star on a velvet ribbon. What he didn’t know and had never seen before was the face. It was a face of rage and fury, the face of the goddess of vengeance, destruction and death." - Time of contempt
  • KazaanhKazaanh Posts: 46Registered Users
    I really really hope this Old Friend FLC contains something for Empire, they need 1 unique LL.

    Marius Leitdorf? Ludwig Schwarzhelm ? CA gib hints

    Also I am quite happy you are interested in supporting current game with DLCs, wouldn't mind to see some RoG units for other races or fully fleshed beastmen roster. Heyy knights of morr and empire engineers are still missing.

  • SuliotSuliot Senior Member Posts: 655Registered Users
    Oooh! I'm so excited for the Historical title!
  • UricLothbrokUricLothbrok Posts: 1Registered Users
    As far as extra DLC goes, I am sure people would be extremely happy if Kislev and TEB (Tilea, Estallia, Border Princes) were individual playable factions that are fleshed out. They are very cool factions that have a lot of flavor, and would add a ton!! It would also not necessarily take all that much work. Many mods have shown that elements in the game can be used to make these factions pretty great
  • LestaTLestaT Senior Member Posts: 3,089Registered Users
    edited March 2017
    That Black Ops Task team, is that for Warhammer or older games? If older games, I hope it's for Attila but for the time period closer to Rome II.

    Or maybe for Shogun 2, the Korean campaign? Thsi can give us a chance to look at what units will appear in next HISTORICAL TOTAL WAR (China). :)
  • JaggerjawJaggerjaw Posts: 2Registered Users
  • henao12henao12 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Please make the units of the elves in total war warhammer based on the sixth edition, the miniatures of the eighth edition sucks!!
    ESPECIALLY the har ganeth executioners must be from the sixth edition
  • TorakTorak Posts: 751Registered Users
    All I want is skaven please CA either in this game or the second I'll give you warpstone if there in the first game :)
    Team skaven
  • Ituriel32Ituriel32 Posts: 159Registered Users
    Give me Numidians to Roma2 and it becomes a game for me to complete.

    In fact, the news is very pleasing to the eye and greatly rejoices my heart.
    Rome2 - where there are walls in smaller settlements?
  • Not_HappyNot_Happy Posts: 3Registered Users
    I desperately want Black ops task team to make an additional contents for shogun 2.
  • apdkapdk Posts: 1Registered Users
    While the majority of the dev team is busy working on DLC and free content plans for the sequel; given the success of our DLC so far, we are also looking at further possible content for the current game.
    So you have not yet finished the sequel and are already cutting content to sell it separately
  • frozenmenbgfrozenmenbg Senior Member Posts: 761Registered Users
    edited March 2017
    From what I see in the CA's Statement there may be not only 1 new standalone DLC per Attila or Rome 2,but I dont see new stuff for Shogun 2(maybe the Japanese invasions of Korea 1592–98 but highly unlikely) or Older TW games.

    So my top predictions for the new Content of Rome 2/Attila:
    Attila: Rise of Islam DLC Campaign with 634ad starting date (Rise of the Arabs,Heraclius) call it as you like.Here is a map.

    Rome 2: Alexander DLC Campaign just like in Rome 1 Total war back in the days.Same map as scale/regions,but expanded to the East going all to the Indus River in India.
    Imporing stuff from Warhammer like PC optimisation for both Games and the success of the Warhammer Modding Tools and finnaly fix the Attila's Modding tools.

    Maybe a Faction Pack with 3 nomadic factions that can settle down in Attila Grand Campaign and FLC Armenia for Attila TW.

    Now with the Speculations:
    Now in Theory Total War: Attila can be used for modding or creating DLC stand Alone DLC-s from 500BC to the Napoleonic Era on the Stuff that are already inside the game already.Just Look at the Artilery units and the Gunpowder units that are in the Medieval Kingdoms 1212ad. With the Modding tools of Warhammer (used by CA or the Modders we see fantastic sieges)And If CA give us Modding tools to Create new Custom Campaign Maps(just like in Medieval 2,instead of just changing cosmetic stuff ) Attila got the Potentional to be the Best Historical Total War Game to date.
    This is my +FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Rome 2 Overhaul Mod Pack Edition In top 8 Highest voted Mod compilations for Rome 2 in the Steam Workshop.

    Check out The Barbarian Invasions - Overhaul Mod for the Grand Campaign with 8 New Starting dates(395ad-681ad) mod coming soon to TW: Attila. It adds several new factions to the game with their unique rosters .
  • ShigawireShigawire Senior Member Norway, BrønnøysundPosts: 3,917Registered Users

    Btw awesome info guys. I'm getting more excited every day for the future of this franchise! All aboard "TW train"!!

    Choo Choo!

  • Anund_GraenhjalmAnund_Graenhjalm Junior Member Posts: 57Registered Users
    So we can hope for a new DLC with patch for Attila. I hope that Visigoths are fixed and are Arian Christians as historically were.
    Glorious Crusader for Arian Visigoths

    Team Visigoths
  • eXteNioneXteNion Posts: 37Registered Users
    Dear Black Ops team,
    Please consider fixing the Hattori and Tokugawa kisho ninja bug and unlocking the last Shogun 2 historical battle (for those of us who did not preorder the game).

    Also, "strong focus on character design" I hope means the kind of Shogun's focus, Attila's or Warhammer's.

    The guy who still plays Shogun 2
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