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What the teams are working on 17/03/2017



  • LaelysLaelys Junior Member Posts: 78Registered Users
    Working for a patch fot warhammer 2 ????
  • BrightestLightBrightestLight Posts: 347Registered Users

    Trebron55 said:

    Please tell me that the Black ops team is working on figuring out how can they implement a WH40K title in Total War. I'd give anything for a game where I can field several thousand imperial guards along a few hundred space marines against some hive tyrants or daemon princes. Ohh my god, can you imagine Warlord titans obliterating whole units in a few shots, or brawling with daemons or stompas? Baneblades rolling over hundreds of tyranids?

    It would be the definition on Nerdgasm.

    (Technically you can use many assets and mechanics from the fantasy Warhammmer. Spells, daemons, monstous units, fear and terror mechanics even some graphical assets from orcs and chaos )

    I second this. You cannot get anymore Total War than a Warhammer 40k setting. It is the pinnacle of all out war.

    I can see it now, a Campaign map of a cluster - systems with their worlds with interconnecting "lines" to show where you can jump ships. Fleet battles will be real time, want to invade a planet? Secure the skies first or attempt a contested landing..you could lose some forces on the way down though.

    Once you are upon the planet it turns into a traditional Total War battle with armies being placed on Massive sprawling maps. Landing 10,000 Space Marines onto a open field to fight against Traitor legions.

    If they did a Warhammer 40k Total War, they should set it first in the 30k series. Massive Space Marine legions each which are unique enough to be their own factions. Of course, I would love a 40k one as well. Fielding my newly risen Tau Empire vs the Imperial Forces.
    anything past world war 1 doesn't work for total war, because warfare stopped being waged in giant blocks of troops. 40k the tabletop even shows this. it's a bunch of skirmishing units, with cover playing THE most important role.
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