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Whats your favorite part about Rome Total War 1?

TheGreatGeneralTheGreatGeneral Registered Users Posts: 4
edited March 2017 in Rome: Total War
What do you love about Rome Total War 1?

Whats your favorite faction?


  • EmperorOfRomeEmperorOfRome Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 594
    What I love is the pure battles. No magical buttons, no dragons, no fancy animation or anything. It is pure. I somehow feel that Rome Total War is more "free" in creating an empire, leaving more room for personal "enrichment" of the campaign (didn't quite know how to say this).

    My favourite faction would be one of the Roman ones. They are the most fun as they have the most things, events and such. I think I like the Brutii the most as they have to fight tougher enemies (Macedon, Greece, Pontus and Egypt, while the Julii needs to take on pretty weak barbarians and Scipii only Carthage).

    However, there are many factions I like, each has its own flavour. Playing as the Senate is fun and trying to be the sole Roman power in the beginning is a fun challenge. I also like to play as Spain and become the unexpected giant in the West. Scythia is fun with their horses. Just each faction is fun in its own way.
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  • scoutman1121scoutman1121 Registered Users Posts: 10
    I love Rome 1 because it was my first total war, the battles felt like an Arcade and it just seemed so fun and customizable! My favorite faction comes between the Greeks, Seleucid, or Juli
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