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Can i run total war warhammer?

ThazGinnerThazGinner Registered Users Posts: 2
I have to buy a new laptop and a friend just gave me a key for total war warhammer
I was wondering if i can run the game (even at low or medium settings) with playable fps
The specs are
Nvidia gtx 950m


  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 14,957
    This link has the minimum and recommended specs as the bottom of the page.

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  • ThazGinnerThazGinner Registered Users Posts: 2
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    I saw them but i'm not sure that my 950m can run the game because everything else match the specs
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  • ral13ral13 Member Registered Users Posts: 85


    That will hopefully give you a rough idea at how the 950m stacks up against the minimum specs. So you might get something like 40-50 fps on low at 720p in a fairly average sized battle (probably similar on the campaign map as well). But I'd imagine it will start to struggle in larger battles since your cpu isn't particularly quick and is only dual core. So as long as your not set on trying to recreate some of the massive battles you see people doing on youtube it will be perfectly playable. Also expect that if you try and play at 1080p, the frame rate will drop quite substantially.

    Also another thing it looks like you'll have to put up with is long load times if that is a 1 TB mechanical hard drive, I would suggest to look for a configuation that comes with a SSD as well since it will also make your computer feel much more snappy in general as well.
  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAModerators, Tech Moderators, Knights Posts: 7,701
    edited March 2017
    950Ms can come in 2 and 4GB vram versions. When thinking about graphic performance it is well to keep in mind that while all graphic processing unit functions can be effected if one has too little video memory, even when one has enough not to slow everything else, vram can still cause problems in particular areas (like large resolutions, or the campaign map for instance).

    Generally, assuming that the CPU isn't holding back performance, at very high settings we find that medium to small battles take somewhere around ~2 to ~3 GB of vram, and the Campaign map can take as much as ~5. This doesn't mean you can't run the game, it only means you can't run it at anything like high settings so ral's comments are quite apropos despite the fact that the 950m is a better performer than the two bottom-dweller cards suggested in the minimum spec.

    Moreover the 7500u while a new processor is limited as ral pointed out. While it compares favorably to the minimum (basically the Intel E8400) that is a woeful spec indeed. Basically the 7500u performs around or slightly below the level of an old Nehalem or very first gen i-core desktop quad (i920) which is ca. 2008. This is good enough to run the game, and probably run it decently so long as you keep to small unit size and limited setting qualities.

    You can play around with which settings give you a break, but generally in TW titles, you get a BIG break if you aren't picky about shadows - BOTH the GPU and the CPU benefit. If you can turn them completely off, you may be able to do absurdly high things in other areas that might matter more to you. (For me for example I just hate small unit sizes and when I am using a limited system, I am willing to cut other things to get bigger units... :) )

    Here is the spec list and at the bottom the presets for graphics etc at each preset level. You can of course use the 'custom' button to muck about for whatever is most pleasing to you.


    Don't forget that because that CPU has an embedded graphic chip, it may try to use that with the game which will give you worse results than you need to get - partially because the embed is a weaker gpu, but also it has no vram at all so vampires off your system ram (and you will want to have as much of that as possible available to not slow your fps and ESPECIALLY end turns and loading etc).

    To make sure you don't use that embed chip you can either disable it in bios or you can go to your Nvidia control board and choose TWW and specify to use the 950M (or performance or whatever they call it in the menu option).
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