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Fix for small walls

Quintus_PetilliusQuintus_Petillius Registered Users Posts: 145
The small wooden walls do not work with siege ladders or towers. Units can garrisson them and ladders/towers connect and are the right height but the units with the engines wont climb up them and onto the walls. I cant figure out why this is except that there is a bug with the assembly kit which wont let us save the map correctly. I used the zones and saved as battlefield without checking the 15 cm box. I got the high walls to work so I figure these should work too.

I tried resaving one of CAs settlement maps as a different name so as to test the small walls. Same problem. Units cant climb up the ladder or towers. Either something is wrong with the assembly kit or there is something we have to add to the walls to allow it to work.

Can you guys help us out here?
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