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Using the Assembly Kit to create units

ChaosWitchChaosWitch Registered Users Posts: 6
I'm trying to create a naginata ashigaru unit and seem to have gotten as far as the documentation on the wiki can get me. I added table entries for it (and oda/hattori/ikko variants) but couldn't find any way to modify the weapon used in the Unit Editor, nor where the unit stats are (ie. melee attack, morale, etc.), nor how to make them faction-specific.

The .pack I did create, when loaded, caused flickering (darkening) on the main menu and removed some text from FOTS clan names and all clan trait listings in the custom battle menu, with no new unit to be found.

Is there a modding guide on more than map editing (the only kind I've found)? If not how has anyone figured out how this works? I got results entirely unrelated to the changes I made.


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