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Community feature requests...

CraigTWCraigTW Lead Community Manager, The Creative AssemblyDat Horsham doeRegistered Users Posts: 1,143
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Hi guys,

As you know we've always listened to our community. Whether it be from the inclusion of naval battles, or in expanding the multiplayer functionality of our games - we've always taken community feedback seriously at the highest level.

So I'm asking you what you'd most like to see in future Total War games or expansions. What features would you like that you feel are missing from the game?

Please don't use this thread to complain about bugs (please use the support sections of the forum for that) - but feel free to be as specific as you like about features you're interested in.

Be imaginative, be honest and you never know, they might end up in an expansion or in the next major incarnation of Total War!

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  • oOIYovoYIOo oOIYovoYIOo Banned Banned Users Posts: 275
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    Korean expansion,limited units on battle setups for multi player,no powers on the units (banzai,incresead range,war crys,etc),better awards on the singular/multi player campaigns,historical battles on multi player.
    But what im really missing is the tactics on ntw where here on shogun is gon ,due the super powers the units have now,buildings to get in,more units.Cant remember more now.
  • -DS-empire-DS-empire Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 189
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    1.Blood as in medieval 2 total war etc, I know u guys are relluctant to do so with the new titles, but u've putten it in in your older titles and every year you guys release a new one people suggest .. put blood in. An option to toggle blood on & off could be nice here. Like mw2 did with the airport scene so u can bypass it for kids.
    It just feels so much immersive if u have blood, atm your soldiers looks like plastic puppets.. 1000 death people but not a single drupple blood, while in the loading screen u have a picture of an horse with arrow in & blood... lol :D

    2. More living city's, if you get sieged in sh2 or etw, ntw the castle was just walls with 2 buildings =), make it more believable that actually people live there as in rome total war for instance if u defend your castle u can see buildings there that u made.. super!

    3.More diversity in the units armors/ and units overall, I love the time when u played rome u had like romans, barbarians and each had their own different units etc. The last 3 total war games have much less diversity :)

    4. Multiplayer Campaing was ace, keep it in for next titles !! But make an other system wich can solve all the desync issues.
  • ArvenidesArvenides Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 194
    edited June 2011
    I want CA to continue with the fast paced battles as how they are in Rome, Medieval II and Shogun 2.

    And I also want more historical research. The modding community has managed to get the historical parts of the games really far, so I'm pretty sure CA also can do it. Maybe heard about mods like Roma Surrectum II, Europa Barbarorum and Stainless Steel?

    Ohh, and features I would like to see in future Total War games are: a return for battles in towns/cities and no retainers for whole armies (like in TWS2 online), but only for the generals to make the battles more balanced.
  • Nice_SmileNice_Smile Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    1. Create more range units.
    2. Improved diplomacy (i don't fancy when all clans declare war on you, even if they were your friends, when you became shogun).
    3. Improved trading with other clans\factions.
    4. Make your agents more valuable.
    5. That would be great if you can see pings of your opponents in multiplayer battles.

    P.S. I am not really good at English, sorry. %)
  • demmidemmi Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    economy has to be much more important (more different buildings etc.)
    it would be great to be able to build streets where you want them to be
    in far future it may be possible to give up the province system (get land through peace agreements)
    politics has to be more important
    more detailed maps (if your army stands on a mountain, then fight on it)
    you won´t be able to realize all of my ideas because they are probably unrealistic, but please give us a second rome
    thanks for reading this and excuse my bad english i´m from austria (and proud of it:D)
  • PortPort Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited June 2011
    I think could be done:
    - a huge map (many provinces)
    - merchants (as in Medieval 2 Total War)
    - the possibility of normal sieges (as in Shogun 2 Total War)
    - a tool for creating projects (beginning with Empire Total War)

    It all depends on the era the game.
  • evilpunk22evilpunk22 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    An expansion or new game that focus on the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history would be awesome. (its one of my favourite periods).

    I agree about a Rome 2 Total war would love to see that game optimised.

    Would love to see kill stats and just further stats for Shogun 2 available in the war room as i thought this was a cool feature for empires and Nepoleon. Be great to have the older games in there 2 some how but i know that is probably too hard.
  • KlunzKlunz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,436
    edited June 2011
    -I know it won't/can't be added but blood would be pretty kewl.
    -Keep the clan member system(daimyo's+son+wives+...) that's in SP S2TW, it really adds more of a connection between the player and the faction he's playing.
    -Keep doing what you guys do!
  • Stefan94Stefan94 Member Registered Users Posts: 88
    edited June 2011

    i like that thread

    In the future i would like to see a TW:R2
    I opened a thread to this theme. In this Thread are very much wishes about features wich can be made in TW:R2


    1.I want to see More lively and different Citys, than in Rome 1 :) ( And historic Accuracy - For Rome theres a page : http://www.allempires.com/article/index.php?q=Historical_Accuracy_of_Rome_Total_War#section_4
    2. Sure, better graphics is always good :D
    3. Someone said it: Blood like in Medieval 2
    economy has to be much more important (more different buildings etc.)
    it would be great to be able to build streets where you want them to be
    more detailed maps (if your army stands on a mountain, then fight on it)

    Thats really hard to realize, but I trust in you. CA always has made a great work :D. Thanks CA. I have no doubt that you are able to realize thinks, wich are so good, that we dont can believe it :D


  • oOIYovoYIOo oOIYovoYIOo Banned Banned Users Posts: 275
    edited June 2011
    More players in multi player campaigns .
    I keep feeling that multi player campaigns aint exciting,has there aint good goals to get,some ranks could help.A humble idea, each Clan we win on campaign a historical battle from that specific clan could be unlocked ,beside the achievment that now gives a new piece of armour (good idea) , players could get x points for each victory in singular and or multi player campaign.
    Why? , because for me a excellent player is a player that plays land battles,naval battles and specially campaigns,like myself :P
  • demmidemmi Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    hi, it´s me again
    first of all i want to say great thread craig
    a few points i want to add
    -armies should consist of more units than max 20
    -be able to choose if you want the AI to control your reinforcements
    -be able to send the AI war plans (his army should attack this city while your troops flank the enemy)
    -new diplomatic system (alliances where other nations can join; alliances attack other alliances or nations; for example: rome and greece are in an alliance and declare war to another alliance consisting of carthago and macedonia)
    I know it´s hard to realize this, but you would make me (and i hope a few others too) very happy
  • SkollopsSkollops Senior Member Behind you :ORegistered Users Posts: 3,314
    edited June 2011
    Mod tools.
    Nuff' said!

    Nah not really. Here's my list:
    1. Mod tools
    2. Improved MP campaign. Should be more than 2 players and maybe some system where the players can move and build in the same turn if it's a co-op campaign.
    3. More "personal" cities. I loved the feature in Rome where you could zoom in on the cities and watch what was going on. Could be expanded so it would be possible to see how buildings are builded(like seeing a half-finished building if it has 1 round of 2 left in the campaign map)
    4. A bit to point 3. If we're staying in melee-combat(Rome II) it would be awesome to be able to design your own cities. Deciding where the city walls should be, how buildings are placed inside the city etc.
    5. Bring back blood and dirt(dirt doesn't even set up the age limit! :D). It just added so much to the whole atmosphere in M2TW when your soldiers had their armors covered up in blood and dirt while fighting.

    6. Bring back Kieran!
    Previously known as DenmarkRules
  • RTKAbuRTKAbu Senior Member Holland!Registered Users Posts: 1,459
    edited June 2011
    This thread is for feature suggestions only
  • Odin_the_redOdin_the_red Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    Great job with shogun! I agree on most (but not all) the points here.
    I would like to see:
    1. Korean Expansion for Shogun 2 with a few additional factions (Only one has to playable) and slight unit variation. I think that once you become shogun you can chose to invade Korea or not as a continuation of your campaign.
    2. More lifelike cities and castles-Where do all my men sleep and eat in this tiny fort or did we evacuate the entire town?
    3. TWR2: Obviously, but keep it similer to the first. I'm really looking for a graphical overhaul and more streamlined system.
    4. Blood: A toggle for this would be nice. I don't enjoy blood but it is certainly more immersive and realistic.
    5. Persistent arrows with angle variation-I know it sounds strange but please, make arrows like bodies, they stay stuck into the ground and bodies for the entire battle and they don't simply all stick at... oh I don't know a 20 degree angle, also, longer arrows sticking out of the ground would be awesome (I don't know how far they go in realistically). I think this would add quite a bit to the atmospheric effect.
  • JokerJoker Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 644
    edited June 2011
    I hope you guys/girls at The Creative Assembly finally decide to tackle the amount of units one can control, it is not merely an increase of units that I'm asking for, it is of course a combination of improving the GUI, extending the usage of shortcut controls and improvement of the AI. Added to this, I'd like to see a much bigger battlemap that gives you the opportunity to manoeuver your army before you start the attack.

    Furthermore, an increased amount of animations for infantry/artillery/cavalry which adds towards the realism of the whole feeling of them doing battle.

    Realistic cities with a much bigger variation of outlay, buildings, etc... which really gives you a sense that you are fighting in different cities or for different cities instead of the duplicates we have/had in the past titles.

    More RPG elements for Generals/Governors/Agents so a bigger variation is created that doesn't give you the feeling of having clones.
    My top five of next Total War installments:
    1) TW: Rome II
    2) TW: China
    3) TW: Lord of the Rings
    4) TW: Victorian
    5) TW: Star Wars
  • GillyfishGillyfish Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 26
    edited June 2011
    Okay, I'll speak a little more generally rather than about specifics for the next game.

    Recent total war titles suggest to me that there may be a balance to be made between a tightly focused game (Napoleon and Shogun) and a game that is far broader in scale and timeline (Empire, Medieval 2 and Rome). I like both sorts of game, but I wonder whether it helps to focus on either element more strongly. The side/additional campaigns in Empire and Napoleon (and MTW2) are a lot of fun and is something I actually miss in Shogun 2. Provided there is a good historical campaign setting, these would be good to have. Maybe focusing on a specific period of activity like the Thirty Years or Hundred Years War.

    In terms of detail, in earlier periods, successful occupation of a territory depended upon gaining the support of the local magnates (look at the initial success of the English in the Hundred Years' War as opposed to their later fortunes - support of local gentry and nobility was key). If that could be brought into the game in some way, that would be good.

    In terms of specific periods of history to cover, I think looking at 16th-17th century Europe would be interesting. The divisions and challenges caused by the rise of Protestantism would be interesting to play, plus you would be playing through the 'military revolution' period. A more leftfield option might be some of the early periods of Indian and Chinese history - a very different take on proceedings.

    In terms of execution, fast battles are a lot of fun, but I like the element of being able to use reserves in Napoleon, leading to a more measured pace of warfare which depended upon the precise application of force. I'd like more of that - the careful use of reserves being a key.
  • Zoltan87Zoltan87 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited June 2011

    I have to say that the thing missing in most TW games that has improved greatly with Shogun 2 is alliances. The problem has been that it's hard to have an ally which you share the same goals with without wanting to back-stab sooner or later (or vice versa). I would love it if me and my ally fought alongside eachother on the battlefields more often crushing our mutual enemies. It happens now too but quite seldom.

    My idea is a more complex diplomacy. Let me use Shogun 2 as an example. If me (Date) and my ally (Oda) decided that Takeda, Uesegi, Hojo and all the other pescy clans between us were just ours to take, we agree to a mutual pact where we divide the lands to us (depending much on power who will get the bigger piece of the cake). So I suggest we DOW the others with a warplan already cut out - I will recieve all Uesegi lands for instance while Oda gets Takedas territory. This dividing is set during the diplomacy where you select the provinces you want and the ones your ally can get. After a careful haggle the war begins and we fight alongside for both the clans glory. Later on we divide all of Japan and nothing can stop our combined might!

    Although Shogun 2 probably isn't the best example, more modern warfare during the Imperialism would be more accurate with this dividing (for instance Poland being divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria). Would be a cool feature.
  • Sir_Nicholas_AltmannSir_Nicholas_Altmann Senior Member Split, Dalmatia, CroatiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,292
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    I would like to see in MPC Play as AI feature back as an option (in a tick box). It is present in ETW and NTW MPCs but it has been removed from SH2 MPC. Its a real MPC killer cause you can't play as AI army and check the advancing foe with an AI army. It was the best thing for hardcore MPC players. It was an option for those who want to play like that. I wrote about that in this thread:


    Also I pm Dave about this. We will see what will turn out. SH2 MPC for now is ruined for me.

    And in the future MPC for maybe 3-4 players. That would be awesome.

    Cancel military access in diplomacy options. So you ask another country to cancel to another country military access.

    And Rome 2!

    CA fan forever!

  • CorpiusCorpius Moderator Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 885
    edited June 2011
    I know an actual paper copy might be floating around the office already, but it couldn't hurt to post it here again. Since the original post is of such lenght it wouldn't fit into one forum post, here's the link to the old forum:


    Some suggestions in that topic beyond the (rather extensive) opening post are very well worth reading.
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  • IronitalyIronitaly Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 17
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    Hello, this game is awesome I could never get into any of the other TW games, but you did something right with this one! So here is my list.

    1. Blood : Honestly not that big a deal but I do agree it would make things very cool. You don't have to go overboard and show severed limbs or headless guys. And someone said above you could always add a check box to disable it.
    2. LARGER/RANDOM campaign maps!! : Bolded because this is what I want the most!! I have spent almost 300 hours on this game. While some of it maybe 75 was on MP most has been in single player. I know you guys try to be somewhat historically acurate but playing the same map with the same layout over and over does get old a lil bit.
    3. AI : Not gonna complain at all. But I would like the AI to have more variety in army makeup and tactics (more ambushes, more sieges when they have an army that is unsuited for that for example a heavy cav army, ect ect) Also I would really like if the AI didnt have to cheat AS MUCH at higher levels (Because I know you can prob never truly eliminate that)
    4. Create your own faction/clan : Another Ive seen others want too. You could pick your banner/flag, choose bonuses/penalties. Another neat thing would be "create your own faction special units" sort of like the veteran thing in MP but you have less choices and can pick a few bonuses for one or two units and customise them the way you want. For example a faction/clan that has archers who reload faster than others or a faction/clan that who has better armor on a few units.

    I wanna think more so I'll post more later.. TY

    5. Bigger/more varied skill trees for Generals : I have a couple ideas, how bout a skill that makes the generals army concealed on the map ALWAYS even out in the open. Maybe make it so he can only have a small force or none of a certain type of units to stay hidden. Another skill is something like "pathfinder" his army can move faster through forrests/open terrain with no roads. Imagine a general with both he can sneak past a few castles to the heart of an empire or move around a large army and strike from the rear as reinforcements for your main army taking them head on. Too stop before I go on forever you get the idea more skills !!!!
  • JokerJoker Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 644
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    To continue, in the past at the old forum, I gathered all the ideas of manny members who where eager to get everything into one thread:

    Part I:





    * The whole map is the city in which the revolution takes place. Therevolutionaries appear at one end of the city and the defenders at the center(you can place your units where ever you want like before, engagement likealways, and build defences).

    You have various ways to win the battle depending if your attacking ordefending:

    - Killall the defenders/revolutionaries

    - Control a certain percentage of the city bycapturing key points (various armories, naval administary, the treasurydepartement, the judicial center, the parlament/palace, food storages, prisonsand the main square of the city and work a count down clock in there)

    The defensive forces can erect barricades that block the full streets.They can be climbed or distroyed by cannons (also on that note, cannons shouldbe more manouverable).


    * A battle map that have up to six different points on the map that youhave to take. Like three primary control points and three secondary. So youjust do not sit their and wait for the enemy to come to you.

    Plus those Primary control points can be like supply areas so if youtake the enemy's, your troops get more ammo and if the enemy takes yours, youget less ammo. The secondary can be like food and

    medical areas. Take them and your troops get a bonus of health andmoral. If the enemy takes yours, your troops get a negative on moral or health.

    * Standalone battles:

    Theability to repeat a battle once fought by pressing a 'Fight Again?' button sothat tactics can be improved by repetition.

    More battlefield features (particularly walls and fences) able to bedestroyed by artillery (roundshot)



    * Fix fort battles (placement, AI, larger forts harder to defend, etc.)
    * Remove buildings being damaged when under siege... buildings should only bedamaged if they are damaged on battle map.

    * It would be good to see vauban style defences around forts includingglacis, ditches and the like.

    * Besieging armies should benefit from the time spent in front of thefort/town, not only through reduction in the numbers of besieged but also inthe state of the defences and the closeness of their own siegeworks.



    * Rename settlements as desired (just overwrite the existing name in asave-game).

    * Change settlement appearance on campaign and battle map (currently,conquered Native settlements, for example, never appear to convert to European,so no walls ever available. Such a function requires time and populationgrowth, for sure).

    * Bigger cities.

    * More towns. Although not all the towns needto have industries that directly support the national economy. I'd just like tosee more landmarks and landmark names.

    * Battle in the middle of the cities (at leastin the capital, absolutely necessary for factions with only one province).


    * Building Garrisons.

    1)Garrisoned troops should have their rate of fire increased, or the accuracyincreased. (Not only would normally 2 men be shooting, but they could use thewalls to steady their aim) But only if the buildings themselves are harder totake out with arty. Right now, when I have the arty units, I can take outbuildings in 1 or 2 shots from each gun, this gives me no reason to attack itwith my infantry, or to garrison it when they AI has arty.
    2) Also Buildings with troops garrisoned inside it should be harder to getinto. Right now telling my men to attack, they simple rush in, taking few losesfrom the men inside firing out. I would assume, that men in buildings would notonly be taking advantage of cover, they would also be fortifying the entrypoints. I realise adding doors and tables over turned infront of ground floordoors and windows is asking a lot, but I don't think asking a defensive combatbonus for units who are garrisoned that allows them to keep the advancinginfantry outside longer is a lot to ask.

    3) Anincrease in the rate of fire for garrisoned troops, for example the L shapedtown hall has 46 (or there about) windows when you put in a unit of 120 lineinfantry 46 position themselves at a window while the other 74 stand aroundwith their thumbs up their dates. In real life there would be at least 2 guysat each window taking turns firing out the window or reloading for the guy atthe window. So I would like to see an increase in the ROF depending on thenumber of windows (and firing positions) to the number of troops. Soldiers/Windows = ROF (decimals rounded down) e.g. 120 / 46 = 2.6 = ROF times 2. Ialso would like it to be easier to garrison multiple units in the largerbuildings to take advantage of the increased ROF.

    * Instead of the building dropping down, I would prefer to see thebuilding break down and prevent the units of using certain areas of thebuilding because of it's destruction. It would mean that less and less unitscan actually make usage of the building. This related towards where theartillery is firing on the building.
    * Outside doors being locked and have to be broken down.
    * Sappers putting gunpowder, explosives like TNT (correct time period ?)against doors !

    * Pontoon bridge-building.

    * Coastal defences.


    * Animals birds, deer etc... "When first firing birds fly out oftrees and grass".

    * Colonize the "open map" areas, or at least build a fort ortrading post to open a trade route.




    * Ability to make your troops on the battlefield to follow theroad if you want ! At the moment when sending them of, when theyencounter a fence or low wall, they continuously go over from one side to theother!
    * Quick Way points during battle & before the battle is launched.

    1)Waypoints should be used, it's irritating that you really have to babysit yourtroops to see that they don't get into friendly fire all the time. Therefore,give me the ability to put way points so that I can safely give orders to mytroops to go towards destination X.
    2) Following on the waypoint system, give me the opportunity to let one unitfollow another unit on exactly the same route. Herewith I can put one in front,put waypoints that he has to follow and click anyother unit to follow thatparticular unit !
    3) Following on the waypoint system, give me an option/button to tell my unitswho are moving to NOT BREAK THE LINE, meaning, when activated, they CANNOT gothrew any of my units !

    * Taking prisoners.

    * Blood and gore, body parts when hit with cannon fire etc.

    * Bigger battles and bigger maps - 40 units for major strategicbattles, 20 for smaller battles. CA could introduce circumstances where amajor battle takes place e.g defending a capital city or an important strategicpoint. e.g Waterloo.

    * More unit variety.

    * More regionbound units just like the pandours and hungarian hussars.
    * Units having banners, and those banners being able to be taken on the fieldof battle. In those times, banners counted almost for more than men andequipment. Further to the banner request:

    It wouldbe nice to replace the chevron experience system with a battle honours systemwhere the regimental standard itself contained the battle honours. This wouldmean that the player would have to name the battle themselves. However, youcould only be able to award or note battle honours following the rules of theexisting experience system calculations. A little more time consuming for theplayer but I'd like to be able to have the option. In the case of AI onlybattles the system would need something automatic, like naming battles aftertown names and numbers ie) 3rd Vienna.

    * An option to name battles, for the purposes I'm noting in this threadpost. And an option to rename battles at any time in the game. Battlefieldlandmarks such as "Bunker Hill" or "Somosierra Pass",perhaps noted on the radar map. The crossed swords marker from earlier TW gameswould be an option for a player to mark significant battles. An informationpop-up when you mouse-over the marker with name, date, combatants, and outcomeof the battle. But I would add an option to play the associated battlerecording if it was saved.

    * Melee rushes should also be more deadly to the troops doing therushing. Give me a reason to hold fire on my line until the units are pointblank. fire the volley, and watch the attacker run in fear. Adding a moral, ordefensive decrease to units who are rushing my full line of line infantry.

    * Allow units to fire while moving backwards (a fall back while firingoption).

    * Make the grouping formation not only to hold the exact given form offormation, but also that ALL units move at the same speed ! Cavalry takinginfantry speed, infantry taking artillery speed, this way they all move in acohesive manner to their destination !


    * Give me the ability to take cover with infantry/dismountable cavalrybehind the wall/sand bags used for artillery defences once the artillery isshattered and lost.

    * When defeating enemy armies the player should gain any intactartillery, in the same way as naval prizes. They should be given the option ofselling them, raising a new unit at a significant discount, or giving/sellingthem to another faction.


    * Some cavalry should be allowed one discharge at short range torepresented by the use of pistols.


    * Give me the chance to put a short cut on getting my infantry intwo-three line deep formation ! At the moment, you have to click to much ordrag to much to get them in two or three deep formations, loss of time.

    * Outside doors being locked and have to be broken down.
    * Sappers putting gunpowder, explosives like TNT (correct time period ?)against doors !

    * Make light infantry available earlier in the campaign.

    * When making an Infantry square formation, you should be able to placemore units in it so its being bigger.


    * Whengrouping units and selecting multiple of them to change their formationsdepth/width, they should be created so that they stand next to eachother andnot overlap one another.


    * I would like more interesting officers...Instead of clones, have arandom build like for the regular soldiers..Also maybe add a couple juniorofficers to the unit and maybe a few NCO's carrying muskets...
    * Give us an option to make some kings/presidents/emperors/royal familymembers, and cabinet members to be generals on the field (like Napoleon).

    * Generals bodyguard being Infantry units (Grenadiers, like Napoleon).They should be elite units, comparable to the French dlc Swiss guards.

    * Promotion of officers:

    - Moreoptions in regards to my generals. Instead of recruiting a general, I shouldget a list of eligible officers to promote, as it is now it’s a randomselection of skill and age. I think it would be cool to issue ranks to theseguys with limitations on how big a command they could have. For example, havefive ranks Lieutenants (4 units), Captains (6 units), Majors (10 units),Colonels (12 units), and Generals 1 through 4 stars (14 to 20 units) 5 stargenerals do not command units they command officers and the units they command.You do not recruit generals, you recruit lieutenents and through succesfulcombat each gets points that allow them to be promoted after a certain numberis reached they can move up to the next rank. So an army headed by a 5 stargeneral would consist of more than the standard 20 units currently in a stackfor a theatre feel to the command structure.

    - Grant titles of nobility to generals.


    * Could you change the AI for the Indians that they stop running all thetime, it's my impression that they run from beginning to end even when it isn'tnecessary. If not mistaken, it tires them quickly and decreases their moralquiet rapidly.

    * The ability for indians to crawl over the ground and therefore comecloser to units and attacking them by surprise, it would give Indians Tribesinfantry an added bonus in moral or a rapid decrease in the opponents regularinfantry/cavalry's moral. Would give a good reason to use either Indian units.

    * When Indian Units are broken,not shattered, they should flee towards aforested area where they should regroup and attack again in group, not asindividuals.

    * It should also be alot harder to notice Indian Units in forestedareas. Gives them an added bonus over other types of units.

    * Let the sound of Indians when running be softer then when regularinfantry is. They are experts in stealth or so they should be !

    * Ad an animation of Indians when in wooded areas or hills to jump onmounted cavalry when laying an ambush.

    My top five of next Total War installments:
    1) TW: Rome II
    2) TW: China
    3) TW: Lord of the Rings
    4) TW: Victorian
    5) TW: Star Wars
  • JokerJoker Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 644
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    Part II:



    * Capturecolors and have them brought to the nations capital.

    * Change of wind direction during naval battles.

    * Higher likelihood of fog during battle (both land and naval).

    * Add coastal battles to fight off naval invasions with coastaldefensive structures against ships (invaders ship cannons and infantry fireagainst defender fire), and simultaneous land-sea battles.


    * How this could be done:

    1) Give ships the option to land navaltroops.

    Unit types -

    Sailors -60 pistol armed sailors also carrying cutlasses or boarding pikes for melee.(Or even 2 versions Sailors/cutlass and Sailors/boarding pike).

    Marines -Versions of Line Infantry units only with fewer men. Marines/Frigate Company -30 Marines. Marines/Ship of the Line Company - 60 Marines.

    Troopsavailable to ships -

    Brigs andSloops - One unit of Sailors.

    Frigates- One unit of Marines/Frigate and Two units of Sailors.

    4thand 3rd Rates - One unit of Marines/Ship of the Line Company andThree units of Sailors.

    2ndand 1st Rates - One unit of Marines/Ship of the Line Company andFour units of Sailors.

    Heavy 1stRate - Two units of Marines/Ship of the Line Company and Four units of Sailors.

    2) WhenSailors and Marines are landed they can move right away unlike ordinary troopsthat can only move the next turn. But when ships land units the ships can notmove until the next turn. The detached units would also start to be paid aseparate upkeep from the ships the next turn also the ships will have a reducedupkeep unit the detached units return or the ships get re-crewed. If the shipslose the landing parties or if they are left behind, the ships will have to gointo one of their harbours to recruit more men the same as if they where losein battle.
    3) Harbour defence - When ordinary troops or Sailors and Marines attack aharbour with ships in it the defender has the option to use the crews to defendthe harbour or retreat. If the defender loses the battle the ships are taken asprizes.

    LandingSailors and Marines could also be used to attack soft inland targets and maybeeven take lightly defended cities.
    4) When Sailors and Marines become permanently separated from their parentships rather then disbanding them, they could be garrisoned at a dockyard. Thenwhen Sailors and Marines unit cards are selected instead of the "RecruitGeneral" button coming up a "Waiting for a Ship" button comes upinstead. So when a new ship is commissioned or being re-crewed after battleloses they are used up with a reduction in price and a carry over in some ofthe units XP. (Something similar could be done for turning 4th Ratesinto Razees by adding a 4th button when a 4th Rate isselected in the appropriate dockyard "Decommissioned for major refit"and is used up when a Razee is commissioned, either for a reduced price and aprerequisite for a Razee).

    * Alternative towards the naval invasions suggestions:

    "youve sailed your fleetinto an empty enemy harbour" scenario:

    When theenemy army moves in to force your fleet out you'll get the option to fight a"land" battle. To keep it simple it would be a single generic harbourmap. If you had no land forces in your fleet you will have a generic mix ofsailors (kinda like flintlocks in cities) and a few marine detachments todefend with. If you had land forces in the fleet they will be added to this. Atthe end of the harbour one of your ships will be docked and providing cannoncover for the men. During the game the fleet defender has the option to enterthe ship and leave. If they get overrun the army captures some of the ships ofyour fleet. Basically simulating that the crews died in the harbour defenceleaving the ships open...


    * Rescue of sailors.

    * Create logic for ship ramming and oar shearing, ala ancient triremes.
    * Activate ramming only when relevant technology researched (putting a heavyram on a ship). Otherwise, it's boarding actions only for non-cannon ships.
    * If possible, could you provide us with one more zoom level downwards ? It'sgreat to see those naval battle video's, but, it's just a tad to high imho !
    * Would like to see a helmsman standing on the rudder and actually turning thewheel around, gives it a more realistic look. Also the rudder would turn as youchanged course. If it’s damaged, you’d hear a voice shouting something alongthe lines of “Captain, the rudders shot to pieces, we’ll be shooting ducks ifwe stay here!”, afther that the ship would stray from the fight and be easymeat if not running of or being repaired if possible.

    * Would love to hear some commands when in battle, cries of pain when asailor get's hit, screams when a sailors drops down from the mizzen, etc...

    * Transport ships for land armies.

    * A ships' bell would add atmosphere.


    * Create "wings" (right left and center + reserves) that wouldengage the enemy's wing, without having to micro manage every battalion toengage another.

    i think the officer promotion thing can be applied to naval officerstoo, adding bonuses like accuracy to ships with good midshipmen for example

    it can also limit the # of ships in a fleet by the rank of admiral <-that way u can reduce the chance of facing a fleet of 10 pirate galleons in 1battle, and increase the chance of having fun frigates duals in late campaign.



    * I would like more interesting officers...Instead of clones, have arandom build like for the regular soldiers..Also maybe add a couple juniorofficers to the unit and maybe a few NCO's carrying muskets...
    * Promotion of officers:

    Moreoptions in regards to my admirals. Instead of recruiting an admiral I shouldget a list of eligible officers to promote, as it is now it’s a randomselection of skill and age. I think it would be cool to issue ranks to theseguys with limitations on how big a command they could have. For example, havefive ranks Lieutenants (4 units), Captains(6 units), Majors (10 units), Colonels (12 units), and Admirals 1through 4 stars (14 to 20 units) 5 star Admirals do not command units theycommand officers and the units they command. You do not recruit Admirals, yourecruit lieutenents and through succesfulcombat each gets points that allow them to be promoted after a certain numberis reached they can move up to the next rank. So a naval army headed by a 5star admiral would consist of more than the standard 20 units currently in astack for a theatre feel to the command structure.
    My top five of next Total War installments:
    1) TW: Rome II
    2) TW: China
    3) TW: Lord of the Rings
    4) TW: Victorian
    5) TW: Star Wars
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    Part III:




    * Not have to follow "Gentlemen" across my regions, on theturn, when I have "follow AI characters" turned off.

    * Allow us to recruit Rakes and Priests on the campaign map.


    * Rake assassination and sabotage videos.

    * Allow the assassination of Kings and Cabinet members.

    * Introduce a lady rake !


    * Supplies lines.

    * Army's campsite where medics tend to the wounded.

    * Patroling certain area: send an army to patrol a certain area, onewould set out way points where a certain army would have to pass untill itreached it's first point and then it would either repeat the patrol area again(could be determined by a number of x times patroling or an infinite number).If the patrol would encounter another army, ally/neutral/hostile, it would givea message in how you would like to respond towards them ! It would be great tosee those none used static units that are in your cities/forts actually dosomething.


    * Ability to view battle map before committing to a fight (this shouldhave been in the TW series a long time ago). It does not show you where you arefighting well enough. I want to know before I engage in battle... or at theleast, in the deployment stage, instead of just "end deployment" letme pick, "choose ground" or "tactical retreat" allowing meto move my army to some other place within my armies zone of control, or justlet me look at it and retreat without having to enter battle at all or countagainst my win/loss stats.
    * Fix battle map starting positions. Attacking army should never start withinthe defending armies' city...

    * Simultaneous land-sea battles as in Yorktown in 1781 in the AmericanWar of Independence.

    * Battles in city's and harbors.

    * The ability to retreat when you have lost a land battle to adestination I want, not a random, non sensical one the AI calculates !


    * When faction A defeats faction B, A should get all of B's remainingtreasury money. A defeated faction's money just doesn't dissapear !


    * More options for promotions, managing generals, etc...

    * Decorations:

    Givenafter a taking substantial territory, besting an old enemy, completing aparticular mission, a spectacular victory, etc. This period was awash in overthe top state decorations; breast stars, sashes, medal bars, and every form oforder imaginable. Could be reflected on a separate 'page' showing the general'sawards and campaign success, and visually on his uniform.

    * Standards and battle honors.


    * The ability to be able to broker peace treaties between 3rdparty countries and offer real financial support and troops to allies.

    * The ability to have diplomatic options to force allies to participatein a battle by assigning set number of units to your course, similar to MTWwhere it's mandatory to support crusader cause for the AI or face ex communication.Alternatively allow you to buy AI troops to be under your command.

    *State Gifts need to be changed.

    1) At the moment the $2500 gift (Bribe) getsyou +100 points and the $5000 and $10 000 gifts gives you the same amount ofpoints. I would like to see the $5000 gift get +150 points and the $10 000 giftget +200 points. I do not believe that would unbalance the game but it wouldimprove diplomacy.

    2) More state gifts, for instance, anoption to give a Naval unit (this would be added to their fleet).

    * Ally option plans, like asking ally ships or troops to come to a certainbattle to help.

    * Congresses to reach peace agreement after a war between coalitions.
    * Taking prisoners and negotiating their release:

    Whenprisoners are taken either on a battlemap or if a settlement surrenders, thefollowing options should be provided:

    1) Ransom them.

    2) Execute them.

    3) Release them.

    4) Sell them into slavery.

    5) Inprisonment (decide later what to do with them) Imprisonnement: thefaction stores the prisoner in an array that can be accessed in a diplomacyscreen (faction, amount, unit_type) these can be excuted, released, traded forones own prisoners, sold to the barber states as slaves, or be recruited.

    6) Recruit them.

    * Liberating and setting up puppet states.

    For whatever reason you may want to free a province. Wether liberating a conquered allyor setting up a puppet state to act as a buffer between your faction and anenemy. By doing this you will improve your national standing by reducing yourexpansionism penalty. The freed province will also be come a protectorate.

    * Guerrilla Warfare and Rebels:

    While thelittle fists (unhappiness over foreign occupation) are on the unhappiness bars,I would like to see rebels and Guerrilla units spawn in the province and coursehavoc in the province. Depending on how much unhappiness over foreignoccupation would depend on the size of the band of rebels and the frequencythey spawn. The same should be done over religious unrest, but with differentunits. The two could also be combined for larger rebel bands. That was onething that I missed from RTW and M2TW the added difficulty of rebels spawningup, but they were too passive.

    * A real Royal Family System for factions with a Monarchy, like inMedieval 2 but much more improved in detail(something like to claim the thrown of another country, if there was amarriage with princess before).

    *A peaceful way to transition between absolute and constitutional monarchy (ashappened in Britain, Denmark etc.)
    * Evacuate national government option when an enemy force reaches interceptrange of national capital (chance of success depends on techs that influencemovement on land and trade speed plus some random factor). Allow the evacuatedgovernment to temporarily set up shop in another town of the region so thenation does not get destroyed/change capital right away and has a chance toreclaim its original capital. Those capitals are really important to thenation, after all. This could be applied to regional governments, as well. Myprimary tactic is to avoid outlying towns (unless destroying them draws awaythe capital defenses) and sack the region capital anyway, so the towns playless of a role for me. Application of this to all regions might well makeconquering regions much, much more difficult (assuming the government escapes).This probably should not be a part of revolutions.
    * Army recruitment for governments in exile should consist only of militiaunits. Existing units can still replenish their forces.
    * After revolutions, increase the chance of splintering the nation, i.e.Prussia goes from monarchy to republic and all territories seem to fall in linewithout problem. I'd like to see a greater chance of continuing civil war inthe outlying regions, perhaps resulting in several smaller countries. Soinstigating a revolution is no longer a simple matter with certain results. Itcould badly maul your empire.
    * Allow for more governments (I'm not sure how to implement, because it looksto me like governments are based on which two classes have the most clout). I'dlike to see room for radical democracy (all people vote on all matters ofstate--sure it's difficult to maintain, but it's happened before), oligarchy,parliamentary democracy, republic by separated branches, and so on. Perhapsthis kind of thing can be applied to further differentiate types ofsociety-identities (since governments currently get bonuses and penalties inareas), creating such types as martial societies, trade societies, bureacraticsocieties, and so on. Each can have bonuses and penalties consistent with itsown order. Imagine your society is a martial-based parliamentary democracy. Youwill likely have greater bonuses to military research and bonuses but yourpopulation may more quickly tire of long wars. Perhaps it means addingadditional social classes or some other data, but I do want to see moregovernments types available with 'unique' advantages and disadvantages. Theyall have them.

    *Add a newspaper in the control panel: clicking on it you will receive informationabout world diplomacy. More spies throughout the world, more information: notonly diplomatic change of state between two nations, but also probable upcomingwar or any other treaties in order to increase or reduce popularity towards anation.

    *Addthe possibility to accept immigrants in your colonies from other nations.

    * When an allied city is attacked and the only thing between them capturingthe city are my troops, I

    want an increased recognition from the faction I'm defending. Mysacrifice to help my ally should be recognized more in the diplomacy screen.

    * Diplomacy options like:

    1) Stop trading with

    2) Change government type to

    3) Change state religion to

    4) Coalition

    5) Defensive pact/alliance

    6) Loan of armies

    7) Offer units

    8) Military aid

    9) Offer technology

    * Political parties in government.

    * Be able to set individual region tax rates.

    * A Central Bank for some factions are needed, it would give thegame a great economic control of wars, Central Bank of England(1694) andSweden(1668) should exist in the beginning of the game. Only major factionsshould achive the "technology" of a Central Bank and be able to buildone, the function of a Central Bank should be to administer the money moreefficient.

    * Selling Ships

    In steadof scuttling ships you could sell them, but only when they are in harbors. Toadd a bit of ****e instead of collecting the prize money out in the middle ofthe ocean, you have to get the prizes back to a harbor before you can sellthem.

    * Whaling ships !

    * The ability to ship goods to our own possessions, then move themoverland to neighboring trading partners.

    * Add new resources/commodities:

    (gold,silver, furs, gems, rubber, fish, cocoa, silk, etc.) are discovered in areas,those areas become provinces (ie. diamonds discovered in South Africa in 1866,in 1867 South Africa becomes a new province and the first county to claim itgets it).

    * he trade side of the game should be expanded to include arms dealing,as this was/is a huge part of international trade and affects diplomaticrelations. Players should be able to sell cannons and ships to any other nationthat they have trade agreements with or to their protectorates. For example: In my current campaign Swedenand Prussia are at war, and I am trading with both factions. Sweden have thebetter navy whereas Prussia have the better army, what this means is thatSweden can blockade Prussia but cannot invade successfully, and Prussia cannot fightoff Sweden's ships and therefore cannot invade Sweden. By allowing arms dealingI could sell ships to Prussia and cannons to Sweden, bringing some kind ofparity between them and affectively ending the stalemate - 1 side would win outand I would make money either way. This type of double dealing would add somereal ****e to the game I feel.


    * The campaign map being a globe.

    * Employ a sort of fog of war on the globe, if your faction doesn'texplore, you don't know whats out there/ except for what it knows from itshistorical expeditions and common knowledge.

    * Get rid of land-bridges in Spain, Ireland and Scandinavia on groundsof ahistoricity.


    * Mercenaries

    Thoughex-pat/foreign units are available I would like to bring back mercenary units.For example GB gets destroyed and if you were not at war with GB you may beable to recruit some of their units that were not destroyed. So at thebeginning of the turn, one of the drop down tabs tells you what units are forhire. So if you have not yet researched Rifling you may be able to hire a unitor two of Green Jackets. The same could also be done with disbanded units somemay take there skills and sell them to another faction.
    Mercenaries were cheap to recruit but expensive to maintain and if you went towar with their parent faction they will quit, e.g. you have Austrianskirmishers and you go to war with Austria, the Austrian skirmishers will leaveyour army.

    * Hiring pirates.

    * Disasters like typhoons, avalanches, drougths, earthquakes, famine,floods, heatwaves, icestorms, land slides, sandstorms, tornados, volcaniceruptions, wildfire. These should appear on the campaign map and battle maplike in Rome:TW


    * Bring back the family tree and allow us to choose the faction heir.

    * Return of princesses (lots of political marriages at this point).


    *More naval invasions.

    *Hull and sails of a ship can be repaired not only in ports, it will be sufficientto reach the nearest coast. Anyway crew and cannons would be filled in allowned and allied ports.

    *The ability to retreat when you have lost a naval encounter to a destination Iwant, not a random, non sensical one the AI calculates !

    *Patroling certain area: send ships to patrol a certain area, one would set outway points where those ships would have to pass untill it reached it's firstpoint and then it would either repeat the patrol area again (could bedetermined by a number of x times patroling or an infinite number). If thepatrol would encounter another army, ally/neutral/hostile, it would give amessage in how you would like to respond towards them ! It would be great tosee those none used static ships in harbors actually do something.

    *Let the wind direction portrayed on the campaign map be similar on the navalbattle map so that it can give you an advantage on determining whether toattack from which direction.


    *More REGIONS ! France and Spain have one main region which makes it way to easyto invade and wipe them out.

    *Alternative to the above: Countries with one region should have 2 or morecities. Thus requiring both to be captured before you can eliminate thatnation. It means that it would take a co-ordinated attack to take out theirEmpire in one turn.


    * Allow players to change state religion



    * Building forts and trade buildings, on land, in trade post/zone areas.

    Reallylike using forts as a base for new towns (although I don't know what data themap actually stores, perhaps the area could be developed into towns, farms, orcommodities based on some data hidden in the map--or something else?). Increaseyour population, increase your towns, increase your wealth. Also can apply toports for forts built on coastlines. Want to become a breadbasket? Developthose towns into farmland. Hate agriculture and want to develop industrialexports? You know how. This is historically accurate.


    *Bring back city view!

    Itwould be a fair compromise, for the moment, for those who want to see theircites up close and CA who is having a hard enough time programing the AI tofight in siege battles as it is. May not able be to fight in the main cities,but we can at least look at them!


    * Icons representing famous battle (withnames,date,casulties).

    *Ability to move capital (even across other theaters).




    * Create a naval technology-effect that makes ship boarding actions morelikely successful. I'm specifically thinking of the corvus.


    * Universities able to research the same tech at the same time:

    At thispoint in the game, you can have a bunch of universities with no agents, yetthey can't all research the same tech together. It'd make more sense, and wouldaward the player for having a

    bunch of schools inthe first place. (Because he conquered all the towns to get them.)


    * Trade to have an even bigger role and control of trade resourcesthe most important aspect of the game and not territorial expansion.

    * Trade of resources should be more diversified:

    Settingthe amount your Factions sells and buys resources to and from other factions.To build things require not only money, but a certain ammount of differentresources to do it.

    * River Transport and Trade

    Add tothe infrastructure tab River docks and barges, so armies may be able to travelby river and across lakes. Trade routes that use rivers get a bonus becauseuntil the train was invented using rivers was the quickest and the cheapest wayof transporting bulk cargo?

    * Make trade theatres playable for land battles adding a town for eachtrade centre.


    * Add spring and autumn, to obtain real 4 turns per year.

    * Put the pirate factions FIRST and allow the player and other lawfulnations to react to them (or not) to safeguard the seas OR change the way thequeue works entirely. The second option would be to either randomize or rotatethe queue. Again applying the poker ****ogy I think that the button should movethrough the factions allowing each to experience the benefits and drawbacks.Alot of the inherent difficulty in ETW though comes from the player beingforced to go first each turn although this is mitigated by the fact that theCAI always moves a unit to it's maximum range, thereby removing their abilityto intercept. The AI needs tweaking here too to learn that sometimes a smallmove, preserving freedom of intercept, is preferable to maximum movement.


    * Make unit info card portraits and descriptions more unique (in M2TW,despite factions sharing unit X, their info card portraits varied from factionto faction)
    My top five of next Total War installments:
    1) TW: Rome II
    2) TW: China
    3) TW: Lord of the Rings
    4) TW: Victorian
    5) TW: Star Wars
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    Part IV:


    * Much more maps for custom battles.

    * The opportunity to practice Naval battles against the number of shipsthat I choose as opponents.

    * Some campaign map expansions atleast in the form of DLC packages.

    * The ability to use defensive works in quick battles.


    * Fully destructible environments, seeing CA loves enhancing graphics, Iwant to see craters on the ground, trees that can collapse, breakable fences,etc…

    * Less clone armies (why do all my units have a mustache?)


    * A detailed game manual (the "manual" for ETW was simply notvery helpful - the online community was more informative) !


    * Would love to hear some more music aswell.

    * Would be nice to be able to set it on/off independently for theCampaign and realtime battles. It'd be nice for the Campaign map + surely asimple thing to add.

    * Faction-specific battlefield march tunes would also be welcome e.g. LaMarche de Mousquetaires Noirs.


    * A release of a mod kit with the Add On.
    * Supporting other 3D apps like Lightwave, Blender to give us the opportunityto create buildings/units/etc...

    * Hardcoded limits on :

    - Regions


    - Units

    - NewTheathers



    - AgentTypes

    - GroundTypes

    -Religion and Culture Types ….. moved to the database for us modders to workwith.


    *Hotseat campaign.

    *Flexible maps that can allow any number of teams (I want to fight a two vs. onebattle in non-multiplayer please or I want 4 factions to fight another 4factions on the Anatolia battle map for instance).


    * Add much more battle noise. I would prefer the sound of more ordersbeing "barked" out (though some may feel drums and bugle werehistorically accurate), and the sound of people possibly shouting more whenbeing shot.

    * When raining the sound of rain hitting the clothes of your troops whenthe cam's in close would be great, esp. during heavy rain in the calm beforethe storm... of the battle that is.


    * I would like a reminder the campaign is going to end:

    I thoughtthe campaign I was playing ended in 1799, but it really ends in 1750 because Ichose the quick campaign mode or whatever is its name. What happens is that Ihave noticed this three-four turns before the end, and I have my armies inAmerica, and I have not enought time to movilize my army and take the t***rovinces marked as objective in the begining. If i had received a message like"in ten turns your campaign is going to end" i would have focused onachivieving the winning objectives, but now I cant.

    * Option: "Do you want to play with protectorates on/off''.

    * Bring back Medieval: Total War's "Glorious Achievements"

    * More options when starting the campaign like:

    1) Aggressive AI.

    2) No tech trading.

    3) No tech brokering.

    4) Permanent alliances.

    5) Always war.

    6) Always peace.

    7) No protectorates.

    8) No alliance making(factions can't make new allies)

    9) No allies (factions don't have allies, even their historical alliancesat the game's start)

    10) Historic Diplomatic relations.

    11) Set teams between factions.

    12) Advanced start (like MTW's "early, high, and late" options).

    * Make custom battles more customizable (like allowing us to change theamount of money we can spend, what technologies to utilize, to use defenseslike chevaux de frise, etc)

    * Arcade options (like unlimited ammo, no fatigue, and no morale).

    * More detailed tool tips.


    * The ability to remove the HUD from our videos or see the HUD traydisappear of screen with a mouse movement. This would give a larger panoramicview of the action both on land and sea.

    * Faction intro videos.

    * Loading screens ala "Call of Duty: World at War" (make themlike a briefing of sorts other than simply a quote, a static image, a loadingbar, and some guy shouting "fire!" - boring).

    * Rake assassination and sabotage videos.

    * A video recording achieved with a one button press (like in Sims) witha save/delete feature.

    * Recording Battles :

    Pause recording when player pauses, so duringplayback we don't have to sit through long pauses!

    Playback controls (Pause, Rewind, FF, etc.)

    * The ability to increase or decrease the speed of the camera using ashortcut key.
    My top five of next Total War installments:
    1) TW: Rome II
    2) TW: China
    3) TW: Lord of the Rings
    4) TW: Victorian
    5) TW: Star Wars
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    Beeing able to build walls on the campaign map, to go past these you have to fight like a siege batte only without the city, just the wall and you deploy on or behind the wall, this way you can make borders when you dont wanna expand more a direction or to try to stop invasions when you are busy.

    And about blood, if you make it, let it be a tool for turning it off.
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    i like to see totalwar rome 2 but this time roman forts do not look like barbarian hill forts.so proper forts and buildings for factions. i liked garrison units in buildings keep in next game.if its a shogun exspansion next can you make it a part of the main campaign not seperate.thanks you guys do a great job and your games can only get better.and a blood on and off button give us a choice
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    Most of em seem to be mentioned by now.

    Anyway, In Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2, all motion captured fighting animations are 1 soldier vs 1 soldier. But how about more complex motion capture animations such as 1 vs 2 :D ? This would add a bigger diversity and gives more of a feeling that it isn't just 1 vs 1 constantly and without sacrificing the whole motion capture idea.
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    I really miss the feature from Medieval 2 wich allow you to recapture your last city in 2 turns. It's really a cheat when you conquering enemy's last town and all his armies are just dissappearing.
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    More support for the mod community that keeps your old games going for years.
  • NemoNemo Senior Member Zagreb, CroatiaRegistered Users Posts: 1,501
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    Um, I recently created a thread with few ides (and its a very long post), so not to repost here it is.

    In particular I would ask for a battle variety to be increased (by whatever battle types).

    In addition to that, oh, many, many things. Making the game slower (as I mentioned) has to top the list, but here are a few suggestions:
    1) Give more units with recruitment dependent on area
    2) While leaving some units faction-specific, create a tech tree which allows factions to dive into different tactical paradigms and end up with fully alternative history
    3) Reduce ability to recruit top-of-the-line units. In a way, Shogun-2-style economy does that (which is good), but the best units should be rare, and hard to build. Maybe introduce some unit-upgrade style of play (not magical, but if they are skilled enough, commander "promotes" them to elite unit, with better weapons, better pay, etc. - it should probably cost some).
    4) Consider adding laws/doctrines. Those are options that apply nationwide that can be enabled or disabled, which give some effects on map. For example, there could be "Slavery" law, which everyone starts enabled, but if right philosophy tech is achieved, it can be disabled for short term unrest, long term happiness, immediate surge in population, some other effects. Or a Rome example could be "Marian mules" style of law, where you gain 10-20% campaign speed for infantry (by making them carry their own equipment), but lose 1 point off morale.
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