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Horn of the Wild quest chain broken/makes no sense

BoldElfBoldElf Registered Users Posts: 191
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
I am not sure if this is a bug or is intended but it makes no sense.

During the Horn of the Wild quest chain you need to build Sky Crown Oak Walls yet the quest line talks about Spell singers and then after building the Sky Crown Oak Walls you are told to deploy a spell singer in the next quest.

While this activates the quest so you can progress. It makes no sense to me as I sold my Roots of Gyhran building (the one you use to make spell singers) for the Sky Crown Oak Walls and now I need to rebuild my Roots of Gyhran to get a Spell Singer (as my only one died not long before this).

So I think that the quest is requesting the wrong building. If anyone can explain to me why I need to build Sky Crown Oak Walls (as there might be a legit reason for it) then please let me know. I just thought I would mention this as no one else seems to have reported it (if it is a bug)

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