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Shouldn't War Altar of Sigmar be better?

saberslash117saberslash117 Registered Users Posts: 223
Does anyone feel like the War Altar of Sigmar is pretty weak or near useless in MP? When I first read and saw the War Altar, I'd expected it to act like a huge morale booster similar to the Grail Relicaque, but if you discount the buffs Volkmar already has, the War Altar dosen't really help much in a support role (which Volkmar is geared towards)....

for 450 gold more, you get a huge pincushion mount that is pretty slow, does mediocre damage and the only thing that compensates it is that it is unbreakable and does terror. But that is easily negated by the fact that War Altars give Volkmar a whopping 18 def compared to his original stats of 38....meaning if a single enemy hero or melee lord comes within reach of him, he will almost certainly lose....

I don't know.....I just find it odd that three peasants with a dead knight and his "steed" inspires more leadership in his men than a giant chariot with a golden griffon and a battle pope riding on top of it....

Perhaps if they've added the Holy Fervour special rule, which gives units around it the Hatred rule (which I'm guessing is a constant increase in melee attack) the altar would've been more viable....


  • ZerglesZergles Member Registered Users Posts: 3,014
    Every time I've used it, the terror it causes and it being unbreakable is pretty huge as long as you don't roll him into a bunch of Black Orcs or something like that.
  • ODM_EmptythoughtODM_Emptythought France, ParisRegistered Users Posts: 671
    A flying lords is usually much better than volkmar. And the archlector is a better support since he's cheap and has 130 armour. Volkmar dies to pretty much anything like helman ghorst and co. He's only barely usable with lore of life (unbreakable + heal is a good combo) and in certain matchups. If your opponent has the ranged advantage or flying advantage you migh just consider volkmar as dead. A single unit of thunderers can rekt him....
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