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advice in quick battle pls..

FaustFaust Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 11
Sorry for my english ...

In quick match i am almost invictible.. 180 possition (nickname paganwitch) but still i am not perfect..
1 how dismantle stupid box formation with pikes like ERE.... ???? in 8 from 10 battles i lose few i run away and game end in draw but how brek it? i know its coward taktic and in many tournaments you get disc.. for thsi but still...
2. any tip for good army in forest map? i hate forest map.. i use slavic with poison arrow and spears.. if oponent is stupid and remain static prety easy win mostly heroic but i lose when he bring lot of cav.. even when cav is bad in forest..
maybe try some celts? vikings? what could be good in this map...??? I think celt aarchers with snipe ability (remain hiden when shot) + some fiana?
normaly omn standart map i use western reman with cav balist and triple accies 9 inf 3 1st lien weakest soak shots + pilum
palatina 2nd line and elite 3rd line.. but in forst wont work.. + thsi map is so confusing i always lost track what is going on.. so i prefer shot enemy before he evne can get close...


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