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Norsca (Lore, campaign, roster, and more)

ChaosDragonBornChaosDragonBorn Registered Users Posts: 1,487
Norsca has a wealth of lore that CA can grasp some influence and ideas from. I'm not going to lay a bunch of lore down, but I am going to get into the roster and the campaign playstyle.

The Roster
-The current Norscan lords
-*Warleader (Could have male/female variants)

Warleaders are proven Norsemen warriors who’ve seen countless battles and are entrusted by their Jarls and Kings to lead detachments of other warriors and Marauders against their enemies. Typically, Warleaders bear many strange tattoos, ritual scars, and most, if not all, have one or more mutations, showing they have the favour of the Gods.

The Cataclysts rival the Exalted Champions of Chaos in sheer magnitude. They can conjure up the most profane Daemons and level legions with their corrupt energy, becoming living vessels of the raw energy of Chaos. Their minds are blasted by the experiences they have endured, and they are mere shadows of their former selves. Cataclysts always employ Daemons to do their bidding and are valued members of any Chaos Horde.

*Norscan Berserker

Norscan Berserkers are a brutal sect of warriors hailing from the frozen wastelands of Norsca. They are known chiefly for being subject to terrifying battle-frenzies that render them immune to pain and which transform them into unstoppable juggernauts on the field of battle.

The horrid Soulflayers barely resemble their former selves, as they are riddled with mutations. These individuals are warped by the magic they wield, becoming both more and less than what they were. Mighty spellcasters, Soulflayers are among the most potent servants of Chaos, eclipsed only by the Cataclysts.
*Vitki (Seers and Shamans)

Admittedly, most Norseman spellcasters are Sorcerers, Witches, and Warlocks. All of these mystics draw their power from the Dark Gods, channelling Dhar to suit their needs. Still, in some parts of Norsca, an older tradition remains: one placing emphasis on divination, healing, and prophecy. Whilst most include them in the pantheon of corrupt Daemonologists, Vitki are not blatant servants of the Ruinous Powers, and instead work their magic to aid their people.
Chaos marauders

The Bondsman is a warrior in service to a particular Jarl. He is expected to live in the Jarl’s Hall, share the Jarl’s food, and be steadfastly loyal.

Huscarls are the household troops of the Norse Lords. They are maintained and well equipped by their masters, and are fiercely loyal and frenzied fighters.

The seas of the Old World are full of terrors, some Human, others subhuman. Among the most feared mariners are the Norse Reavers, brutal warriors who plunder the coastlines in search of foodstuffs, gold, and slaves. They are a merciless lot, hardened from their frequent battles with Imperial sailors and the feeble militias that stand against them. Reavers sail the seas to bring booty back to their settlements in their frozen lands. Others sell their souls to the Ruinous Powers, hoping to attract the attention of their uncaring Gods, and gain the power they so crave.


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