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My suggestions about TWW to CA

juanjoelxjuanjoelx Registered Users Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in Balancing Discussions
Hi, I hope CA take my comments into account, what I find should be changed.

Healing magic....... CA removed healing potions from heroes to make them less stronger but instead, they included healing area spells which are much stronger (3 treemen being constantly healed by a mage) and also it makes disadvantages to armies which do not have lore of life. If you want to keep on having those spells, please remove healing area, make it individual and less powerful, or just remove those spells and let only vamps regenerate, as it should be.

Ranked multiplayer...... I am tired of players leaving the game because they do not want to fight against specific armies, because they do not want to loose ranking positions and also tired of counter picking players. It is easy to fix; just make players choose an army before looking for an opponent, and once the game is found and you are building your army according to opponent's faction, if the other player leaves, he gets a penalty, not necessarily a defeat, but something in terms of deterrence.

Both of those comments should be taken into consideration. We all want to have the best experience in multiplayer.

Best Regards


  • MrMecHMrMecH Registered Users Posts: 2,169
    I notice about multiplayer picking counterpart too. Maybe the lobby should not show enemy team before start loading screen like some MOBA game.

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