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Thoughts on projectiles_tables

general_molotofgeneral_molotof Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 17
Good afternoon,
I've been trying lately to understand the effects of the projectiles_table in db, but i got confused at some points. I want to share my view on some variables and i would be grateful if someone more experienced than me could correct or agree with me. Thanks in advance! Also, every change i did was at the musket_flintlock field. I use pfm 1.5.9 to do the changes and pfm 4.1.2 to view the tables since with 4.1.2 i can't make mods to work but with 1.5.9 there are many fields labelled unknown (a recommendation of which pfm to use would also be greatly appreciated).

Ok i will start with a question. I really don't know what the in_flight_transition field does, i experimented with the musket_flintlock and tried both the n option and the sharpnel option but i could not notice a difference in battle. I suppose it is something that affects only artillery units? But again musket_carbine for example has the n option so i don't know.

Trajectory_sight: i think i understand this one. The default for the musket_flintlock is low, so i tried fixed and the units shoot straight upwards, in tried rocket and the bullets flew exactly how the rockets do, but then i tried high and the units would not shoot? I would like to know why?

Effective_range: this is straight forward i think. It sets the range at which the units equipped with the musket_flintlock (in my case) will open fire. I would like to know if you can set the maximum range somehow? The maximum range being the max distance the bullets will travel before hitting the ground even if they exceed the effective range? Range is in meters?

Minimum_range is also straight forward, it is the range the bullets will have to travel before being effective if i am correct?

Max_elevation propably means how much the units can raise their muskets? In sieges for example when they try to shoot at the top of the walls?

Muzzle_velocity is understandable as well, its the speed at which the bullet will travel? Is there a way to reduce the speed with distance? And also it is measured at m/s or other units?

Marksmanship_bonus: with this one i really have no idea and i would really appreciate any help!

Spread: this i think controls how much the bullets will diverge from their path because of distance ( i set it at 15 for example and bullets scattered all around the place)? If yes how this effect stacks with the accuracy figure of every unit at the unit_stats_land table? I don't really know.

And then comes damage, the default for musket_flintlock is 0.75 and the man_health at unit_stats_land is 1 (for infantry at least) which led me to assume that a soldier needs more than one bullet to die? Is that true?

Penetration: Penetrate what exactly? over at unit_stats_land there is a field called armour, maybe it has something to do with that? Or does it affect the damage value mentioned above? The default option for musket_flintlock is ap but i can't explain it. Maybe it is only for units like cuirassiers who wear armor?

The can_bounce option was really enjoyable to play with, it makes bullets behave like cannon balls if i am correct?

Collision_radius: This propably has to do with the dimension of the bullet it self? the default 0.1 translates to 10cm?

Base_reload_time: ok it is straight forward but i am not sure how it stacks with the reload skill of each unit? I did a test and having set the base reload time of the musket_flintlock at 25s, a unit with 65 reload skill shot at about 25s so a reload skill of 65 is the middle ground? anything above will result in less than 25s reload time and anything below on more? If yes i tried to give the french fusiliers a reload skill of 0 but they would still reload and shoot, souldn't they be unable to reload?

Base_misfire_chance: is it measured at %? And has it anything to do with the next field which is weather_effect? Setting the weather_effect at high will result at a higher misfire chance than base?

That's it for now...
I would really like to understand the relations of the different stats! And thanks again to eveyone for the help!

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