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Azhag or Wurrzag

Warboss2001Warboss2001 Registered Users Posts: 664
Who is a better Mage and leader in general I think Azhag and should Azhag have lore of vampires because in the lore he could raise zombies and undead things I believe

Thanks for reading
I am the best Warboss there is WAAAGH


  • SaurianDruidSaurianDruid Registered Users Posts: 1,050
    Wurrzag is da best cause he knows wot Gork n' Mork want. Dey speak ta 'im an' give 'im powaz!

    Ahzag's got spooky finks in 'is 'ead too. But dem be dead finks. Stoopid dead finks. Very un-greeny. Very un-orcy! Wot kind'a warboss takes orders from some dumb ghosty git? BAH!

    Ifs ya askin' ME, dat Ahzag fella just aint roight in da 'ead. Gork n' Mork don't like sharin' dem gits wif some dead ghosty fink wot got trapped in a 'ead bucket.

    Dats why we gotta go wif da Great Green Prophet 'imself, Wurzzag!
  • EizoEizo Registered Users Posts: 1,016
    Well one is an actual Warboss and lead Orc in a WAAAGH!! while the other one is kind of mental and think he the Orc Version of Moses.

    Azhag got famous/infamous by being a gen-sniper and using un-orky tactics to win battles while Wuzzag like doing thing in the background like Gandalf in the hobbit books, but he uses Grimgor and Skarsnik to do the leading and bashing.
  • TayvarTayvar Registered Users Posts: 11,864
    To be fair, much of Azhag's achievements was thanks to Nagash, as you can see in Azhag's Tropes. And Azhag should not use the Vampire Flavor of Necromancy, he should use Liche Flavor of Necromancy. So Lore of Vampires would no be very fitting for Azhag anyway. :)

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