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Head to Head, FOS Campaign

JoyfulUniterJoyfulUniter Registered Users Posts: 2
I'm looking for a real challenge, and to have a lot of fun while i do it. It dawned on me that this might be the best place to look.

So here are my conditions for compatibility, in rank of importance, should you want to play these will give you a good idea about what kind of player i am too, if you don't meet these conditions i am probably at some point not going to want to play with you, so don't ignore it.. or risk wasting your time.

1 Enjoy yourself, have fun, be friendly, it's not a real war =p

2 Don't get upset from setbacks, should you lose a battle or two or whatever it is, in other words, have courage and belief in yourself enough to not give up.

3 Be very competent, almost expert level strategy.

I think that's it, i'm willing to use mods we can talk about that if you're interested.

My steam name is JoyfulUniter, Account name is Roguewookiee. Message me on there or leave one here!


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