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Quest battle bugging out in coop

AkoenaAkoena Registered Users Posts: 53
Have had this happen several times now in a coop campaign so figured i'd post it here.

When I get a mission to capture a settlement which my ally already has, the game aborts the quest and no replacement pops up that turn, the next turn or ever again. Effectively failing that quest and leaving no way (that I know off) to get to that quest battle and item.

Happened as Von Casteins at both Essen and Bechafen for the Blood Drinker quest. (Ally as Vampire Counts)

And as Greenskins at Karak Hirn for the Slagga's Slashas quest.
(Ally as The Bloody Handz)


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    Don't spam posts please. You have one open in another thread. that's all that is necessary.
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