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Most Favorite/Least Favorite Warhammer YouTuber? And why?

GreyKnightDantesGreyKnightDantes Registered Users Posts: 174
What do you guys think is your most favourite/least favorite Warhammer youtuber and why? For me...

Most Favorite: HeirofCarthage

Reason: Heir seems like a very chill and fun guy to watch play. He isn't critical about the games he plays, he is often very soft-spoken and nice, and he seems like a genuinely fun guy to watch play games. He the type of guy that I'd like from a youtuber; someone who simply wants to have fun and entertain those who watch him.

Least Favorite: Arch Warhammer

Reason: Arch is like the exact opposite of Heir in my personal view. I didn't think he was that bad of a youtuber at first, but as he became more popular, he seemed to have changed. First off, the dude is overtly critical on just about everything in most games he either plays or reviews. Whether its his argument of humans living in dwarf holds (which I find utter bullcrud for a peasant farmer, let alone a town or city to live 10,000 underground) or his conception that Norsca should be conquerable (again more bullcrud in lore perspective for anyone who knows his own worth that Norsca is saturated from peak to valley with warpstone dust blowing from the north, making the lands tainted), he has an opinion on everything. Worst, he like to rant about it....like alot. And I don't like the fact that he often thinks he knows more about Warhammer than anyone else and calls them out on it (which goes back to his constant rant on how his own perception of the warhammer lore is the correct one). Also, the dude swears way to much. Especially in his rants.

But that's just how I feel...

What do you guys think?
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  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 15,460
    Yeah Arch relies very much on his contrarian NSFW language. It has its place, but that's only for the dudebros on the internet. He does sometimes make videos regarding his thoughts on certain elements of the games he plays, in that case he's got insight. A lot of the time however he's really just playing a Warhammer/Rome2 campaign and ranting about current political events. Warhammer is pretty much his platform to spout his political commentary.

    i don't listen to HeirofCarthage, or most youttubers, as it's largely let's play vids. I never got into that, why watch someone play a videogame when i can just play it myself? A lot of the time these let's play videos are more like watching sports channels (though to be fair, that's probably the only reason why they're popular in the first place).

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  • saberslash117saberslash117 Registered Users Posts: 203
    yeh not a fan of Arch either. Dude has a habit of ranting too much.
  • saberslash117saberslash117 Registered Users Posts: 203
    and daelin is right about his political rant
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Registered Users Posts: 2,454
    The only one I know I have watched and actually remember enough to have an opinion on is HeirOfCarthage.

    He is positive, informative and has well edited videos as far as I am concerned. A few too many voiced over games that others have played though.

    But dude seems chill.
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  • docjohnson1451docjohnson1451 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 207
    Don't really have a favorite, but I enjoy watching Pixie, Indypride, and Invicta (formerly THFE productions).
  • Theking_slayerTheking_slayer Registered Users Posts: 76
    Lionheartx10 is my favorite

  • theedge634theedge634 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,549
    Really like Inept General... don't really have a disliked one. Only really watch Inept General and sometimes other random videos linked in the side.
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