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Mod manager for Attila on mac?

SomeIrishDude07SomeIrishDude07 Registered Users Posts: 1
I originally got Attila Total War on a Samsung laptop but it broke and I downloaded it on my new mac. When I launched the game I was surprised to find that the mod manager for the game does not appear. I assume it is not compatible with mac and I looked into finding a mod manager I could use. Everything I find or am recommended to is not compatible with mac and nobody on the Steam discussion groups have been able to help me. Although I can play without mods, I personally despise a few features (like public order reductions on higher difficulties) of the game and enjoy adding new features people have created. If anyone knows of a mod manager for mac that I can use please let me know. I haven't played Attila in a very long time because I am not enjoying it without the mods, but I don't want to just never play it again..... I have over 137 hours in the game and would like to go back sometime soon.


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