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Suggestion For Improving The Wood Elf Grand Campaign

NerushiNerushi Registered Users Posts: 1
As Wood Elves are my favourite faction in Warhammer, I enjoyed the (grand) campaign a lot; even the second time. However, I think it could be even better still.
Now that I played the Bretonnian campaign too, I would really like to see the same mechanism for the early game applied to Wood Elves. I am talking about the huge negative public order, causing Greenskins to raid the Bretonnian lands. Imagine the exact same mechanism for the wood elves, causing Beastmen to spawn in Athel Loren.
To me, this would make sense both from a lore and gameplay point of view. I present my two arguments below if you are not already convinced. For information, I played on Very Hard and Legendary.

1. Wood elves are a isolationist, defensive faction by nature. In my campaigns, I have rarely been forced to defend Athel Loren; if anyting I mostly had to defend my outposts. Making these rebels spawn in Athel Loren might force the player to defend their homeland instead of starting to expand right away.

2. It gives the player something to do. During my campaign I attacked Bretonnian factions even though I'd rather befriend them with the technology. This is because I had this army standing around and it is faster to just take their amber by force. Being kept busy by rebels and other Beastmen, it gives the opportunity to build alliances.

That being said, I can see some counter arguments as well.
1. People might find the defending playstyle boring or frustrating. Though I haven't seen much negative feedback on Bretonnian campaign, I don't know how most other people like to play. To me defending is just as fun.

2. Maybe it is not as easy to implement. I have no knowledge of how long it would take or how much it would cost to make this, but given that it's already there for Bretonnia, turning rebels into Greenskins, I imagine it would be relatively simple doing the same for my suggestion.

Of course these counter arguments have little to do with my own opinion, because I am convinced my suggestion would enhance to experience greatly. Anyway, thank you for reading and please let me know your thoughts!
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  • steam_164191850448yoMgfCpsteam_164191850448yoMgfCp Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,157
    good idea


    It's much easier and more fun to get engrossed in lore that takes itself seriously and tries to make sense within its own frame of reference.

    the reason I prefer LOTR over warhammer fantasy and 40k

    I am dutch so if you like to have a talk in dutch shoot me a PM :)
  • HorseWithNoNameHorseWithNoName Registered Users Posts: 1,001
    I agree that the Bretonia/WE corner of the map is very low action overall which is a problem. That being said, the Bretonia Greenskin mechanic raid has another imo major flaw which is that it shows the player that negative public order causing neutral stacks to spawn is actually a benefit instead of a detriment (which it instinctively should be), as killing these stacks provides a good source of income and experiance.
    So after going through such an event, speaking from my own experiance, you will have to realize that rebellions (or GS raids) are in fact not a negative consequence from mismanaging your settlements, but a farming mechanic providing gold and experiance (and chivalry for Bretonia). This is quite immersion breaking and may lead to the realization that you can raid your own settlements to farm rebel stacks, which is imo an exploit that the game should not point out to the player.
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