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Greenskins Get more Petz mission: Why does the list include Orc Warboss and Azhag the Slaughterer?!

Harleyquin12Harleyquin12 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 29
I don't know if my current game is glitched, but I can't understand how Orc Warbosses and a Legendary Lord count as war beasts together with the Arachnarok and regiment Arachnarok.



  • RCMidasRCMidas Registered Users Posts: 29
    Itz coz a proper warboss oughta be a real beast! Geddit?

    Not a glitch, no. But they can unlock wyvern mounts which are very definitely beasts, so it's close enough for the mission to include them.
  • Harleyquin12Harleyquin12 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 29
    Doesn't the squig herd count as a war beast? I understand the logic behind the warboss and Azhag, but it's very vague unless explained in this manner.
  • RCMidasRCMidas Registered Users Posts: 29
    Probably the devs simply forgot to add squigs into that mission, although it would be a helluva lot easier to complete the mission then. Maybe they just want you to be able to pick up a war beast that's really powerful.

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